How & Where To Write Reviews For Money As A Side Hustle

Do you want to write reviews for money? Check these nine beginner-friendly websites that offer paid reviews in cash, gift cards, and other rewards.

Key Takeaways

  • Writing online reviews can earn you money through cash bonuses and gifts.
  • You can earn $2 to $40 per hour depending on review type and quality.
  • Essential needs: internet-connected device, stable connection, payment method, writing skills.
  • Top platforms: InboxDollars, Slice the Pie, ListVerse, Capterra, American Consumer Opinion.
  • Are you fond of writing online reviews and hope to get paid for them? You can!

    Many companies worldwide value honest customer reviews to help them spot their product’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Incentivizing writers and testers through cash bonuses and gifts is their way of attracting substantial feedback from reviewers like yourself.

    Best of all, you get paid to write regardless of your educational background or location!

    There are various apps and paid review sites to choose from. Today, we’ll focus on nine places to write reviews for money without prior experience.

    But first, let’s get the basics covered.

    Can You Get Paid to Write Reviews?

    Yes, you can earn money writing reviews. With the popularity of online shopping, businesses have acknowledged the validity of sponsored reviews or blog posts to elevate their brand’s likability to customers.

    This is supported by a research published at Frontiers, revealing how online reviews affect 93% of consumers’ online shopping choices.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how product or service reviews can bring a potential increase in sales when written by actual users.

    How Much Can You Make by Writing Reviews Online?

    You can earn $2 up to $40 per hour or a fixed $50 incentive per review. However, these figures constantly fluctuate and depend on the following:

    • Review platforms
    • Review quality
    • Product or service industry
    • Platform fee or commission (if applicable)
    • Review type

    Generally, you get higher pay if you write product reviews compared to taking online surveys, which often only give $1 to $3 earnings per entry.

    Some sites also offer reviewers free products instead of actual cash as compensation.

    What You’ll Need to Get Paid from Writing Online Reviews

    Writing reviews don’t require any startup budget, which makes it an easy gig for anyone who enjoys sharing honest reviews.

    Other than your thoughts, here are the essential items you’ll need to get started.

    • Laptop or Mobile Device: Whether you’re answering surveys or writing reviews online, you’ll need your gadgets to input and submit reviews. Some sites are compatible with both. Others may prefer one of the two.
    • Stable Internet Connection: You must at least have an internet speed of 25 Mbps to get things running. This is crucial, especially on survey sites requiring you to review several pages before completion. Having a solid data connection minimizes the risk of web pages crashing while you’re in the middle of answering.
    • Payment Method: Secure payment services like PayPal, Payoneer, and Stripe are used by many companies to send you cash payments. Identify what method your platform uses and open an account.
    • Writing Skills: While you don’t have to be a freelance writer to start this gig, you must be skilled at writing or communicating vital aspects of an item in a short, easy-to-understand, written format.
    • Email Address or Login Details: Platforms often require you to register using a valid email address, phone number, or social media account. Have all these ready when signing up.

    Where to Write Reviews for Money

    From answering a simple yes-no question to writing an extensive product review, you can choose from multiple online options. Here are our nine recommended websites this 2023:

    1. InboxDollars
    2. Slice the Pie
    3. ListVerse
    4. Capterra
    5. American Consumer Opinion
    6. Review Stream
    7. Survey Junkie
    8. Online Book Club
    9. LifePoints

    1. InboxDollars

    InboxDollars is a trusted platform that pays you for taking online surveys.

    You must create an account and answer a four-part profile questionnaire to help the site match your interests with their partner brands.

    Once approved, your dashboard will show you up to 10 surveys you’re qualified to join.

    While individual survey payout doesn’t amount to much at first glance, InboxDollars is still one of the high-paying surveys in the industry, claiming a running total of $56 million payout to users since its 2020 inception.

    How Much You Can Make

    Surveys with InboxDollars vary in price, but the platform claims to offer up to $5 per survey. Other users report getting survey requests for lesser value at $0.01 to $0.75 each.

    The length of each survey also varies. The easiest ones can be completed within two minutes, while lengthier requests last up to 20. The minimum payout required is $30.

    What Makes This Option Great

    With an average 4.3 star rating online, InboxDollars is a reliable survey site with over two decades of experience.

    Signing up also grants you an automatic $5 bonus. The platform’s accessible through your browser and Android and iOS app, making it a convenient choice even while on the go.

    • Fees/Commission: InboxDollars charges a $3 transaction fee automatically debited for every payout request.
    • Payment Methods: PayPal cash, gift cards, direct deposit

    2. Slice the Pie

    Slice the Pie is a popular platform for anyone who wants to get paid to write reviews about muic.

    The platform is free to use. You sign up with your email and other personal details, browse your preferred song categories, listen to any track for about 90 seconds, and write a review.

    It’s a fine alternative for similar gigs like earning money through movie reviews, which takes longer to complete.

    How Much You Can Make

    The average review rate per song is $0.20 to $0.30. Once you join, you’ll be assigned a one-star rating which impacts the pricing of all items you review.

    The more quality reviews you submit, the faster your star rating increases, translating to a higher review rate.

    Slice the Pie’s required minimum payout is $10.

    What Makes This Option Great

    This platform’s excellent if you love music and aren’t looking for a fast payout.

    It’s also an incredible way to discover budding musicians whose songs you might want to add to your playlist.

    Besides music, Slice the Pie also showcases paid review opportunities for clothing, fashion, phone cases, and accessories.

    • Fees/Commission: Slice the Pie doesn’t charge you anything, though you must shoulder any transaction or admin fee from PayPal if applicable.
    • Payment Methods: PayPal

    3. ListVerse

    ListVerse is one of the most exciting sites to try on if you’re a fan of writing list reviews.

    The rule is simple. You list ten items minimum, provide one to two-paragraph content for each, and submit it to the platform.

    You’re free to write about any topic, but you must make it interesting and fun for the platform’s readers.

    If you’re looking for companies who pay you for ideas, ListVerse is a great way to get started.

    How Much You Can Make

    ListVerse pays a fixed rate of $100 per approved list.

    Remember, however, that they don’t guarantee approval for every submitted entry.

    Reading sample articles on their site is crucial to help you get a feel of the type of articles they publish regularly.

    What Makes This Option Great

    ListVerse is excellent if you prefer writing long-form articles. Discovering quirky and fascinating facts while researching is also a bonus.

    The platform doesn’t require you to sign up, so providing all your details is unnecessary, thus saving time.

    • Fees/Commission: ListVerse doesn’t charge any commission or signup fee.
    • Payment Methods: PayPal

    4. Capterra

    Tech-savvy individuals shouldn’t miss writing reviews for Capterra.

    Readers of this platform are looking for quality, first-hand reviews from software users, which is perfect if you’re actively using tools like accounting software, CRM and SEO software, and more.

    Unlike creative side gigs like writing short stories, this platform requires technical expertise and proof of use, as you’ll likely be required to send screenshots supporting your review.

    How Much You Can Make

    Capterra pays you $5 for your first review and $10 each for the following ten reviews.

    Each submission is subject to approval, so you must write a comprehensive, high-quality software review to make it count.

    Capterra also limits you to up to 11 submissions. Once you’ve reached the threshold, they will no longer compensate you even if you submit more reviews. Users report total earnings between $5 to $150.

    What Makes This Option Great

    Captera’s an excellent short-term review website for tech-savvy individuals.

    While your total earnings before maxing out your allowable reviews don’t amount to much, it’s still a great way to showcase your expertise to the platform’s millions of readers.

    Impressed readers might even pay you to address their technical queries.

    • Fees/Commission: Capterra is free to use. No extra fees are charged.
    • Payment Methods: Capterra pays you using Gift Cards, which you can use to purchase goods from popular sites like Amazon. Redemption instructions will be sent through email upon request.

    5. American Consumer Opinion

    American Consumer Opinion (ACO) is our list’s oldest paid survey provider, with over 40 years of experience.

    Participants will get paid to test products, evaluate advertising strategies, and participate in focus groups to provide feedback on a company’s new product.

    Like most survey apps, ACO desires to empower any online retailer by providing quality customer input. If you like being a part of something big, this platform’s where you want to start.

    How Much You Can Make

    ACO surveys can pay between $1 to $50. Product testing pays even higher, up to $200. The platform pays you using its point system. One point is equal to $0.01.

    What Makes This Option Great

    ACO is completely free to use with global reach. They have an extensive brand partnership worldwide, which opens more review opportunities.

    They’re also among the ones with the best earning potential and flexible payment methods.

    • Fees/Commission: ACO is free to use, but you’ll shoulder any fees associated with your external payment method.
    • Payment Methods: Hyperwallet, PayPal, gift cards, check, charity donation, sweepstakes entries

    6. Review Stream

    Review Stream is the most extensive platform on our list that pays you to write reviews about anything. Popular product categories include electronics, art, food, cosmetics, and fashion.

    Much like writing reviews on Amazon, Review Stream showcases actual user experiences but with the opportunity to earn from them.

    Readers can also upvote your review, which adds to your cash incentives.

    How Much You Can Make

    Every approved review can pay you between $5 to $18. If a reader loves your review, he can upvote your entry which adds $0.10 to your earnings.

    What Makes This Option Great

    Review Stream is great if you’re looking for a platform with unlimited allowable reviews.

    Its broad category base also makes it easy to handpick items you’re already using and write your experience about them.

    You also don’t need to worry about getting penalized for pointing out product cons since the platform focuses on publishing authentic user experiences.

    • Fees/Commission: Free to join
    • Payment Methods: PayPal

    7. Survey Junkie

    Survey Junkie is a household name when it comes to online surveys. Its clutter-free platform interface and straightforward setup method make it a top favorite for first-time users.

    The platform pays you to answer surveys of any product or company that matches your profile information.

    It’s one of the fastest survey sites that pay instant cash as soon as you reach the required threshold of $5.

    How Much You Can Make

    Survey Junkie has a point system. You’ll need 100 points to earn $1, and so on. Signing up automatically grants you 25 points and another 50 once you complete your profile.

    The average survey payout on this platform runs between $0.50 to $3, or 50 to 300 points, respectively.

    What Makes This Option Great

    Survey Junkie is great for beginners who don’t want a lengthy signup process to get started.

    Its over 20 million users are clear proof of its global popularity, which makes it more attractive for companies who wish to put out their surveys.

    • Fees/Commission: Free to join
    • Payment Methods: PayPal and e-gift cards, which you can use to redeem items from Amazon, Sephora, Starbucks, Walmart, etc.

    8. Online Book Club

    Do you love books? Online Book Club allows you to earn by reading newly-released titles and writing reviews about them.

    Many budding writers sell their short stories for money online and seek opportunities to gather quality reviews from readers.

    This platform is one of those avenues to get reviewers on board. If you enjoy reading and want to get paid, this avenue is a potential starting point.

    How Much You Can Make

    Book reviews on this platform can pay between $5 to $60.

    What Makes This Option Great

    Online Book Club is ideal for booklovers with a genuine passion for reading and giving quality reviews to other readers.

    All paid reviews will be published under your registered name, which can be an excellent means to market yourself and build a potential network.

    • Fees/Commission: Free to join
    • Payment Methods: PayPal

    9. LifePoints

    LifePoints is another excellent survey platform that covers a broad range of topics. You sign up and provide your user profile, which is then used to identify whether you qualify for available surveys.

    Surveys update often, so checking the site to get the latest gigs is crucial.

    One feature that sets it apart is its booster mode, which allows you to earn 20% more points when you enable the location services function in the app.

    The more points you get, the higher the rewards you can redeem in cash or Amazon gift cards.

    How Much You Can Make

    Each survey has an equivalent life point depending on the length and complexity. This can equate to $0.83 to $0.90 per survey. The current minimum payout is $5, equivalent to 550 life points.

    What Makes This Option Great

    LifePoints is available in 26 languages, which makes it an easy choice for anyone around the globe.

    Partner companies also have global reach, and survey options range from product-specific questions to general concepts.

    While you can’t expect this platform to earn you a fortune, it can be a fun alternative to collect useful gift cards from top shops like Amazon, eBay, iTunes, and Google Play.

    • Fees/Commission: Free to use
    • Payment Methods: PayPal, charitable donations, gift cards

    Why You Should Consider Writing Reviews as a Side Gig

    Getting paid to write reviews is a great way to capitalize on your opinion. When done right, it can even open you to long-term writing opportunities.

    If you’re inkling to get started but not yet ready to commit, the following factors might help you decide faster:

    • Various Reward Options: Earning cash is one, but getting free products, gift cards, discounts, and vouchers are excellent perk alternatives you can enjoy as rewards.
    • Free to Join: Most, if not all, review websites are free. You only need to log in to get access to all review opportunities you can join.
    • Improves Your Writing Skills: The more you write reviews, the better you become at identifying and writing what elements should be included, what to drop, and what people are likely to be looking for.
    • Fully Remote and Time-Flexible: You get full control of your time. You decide when and who to write for. While sponsored blog posts often have deadlines, when to take one is your decision.

    Problems With Writing Reviews for Money

    As with most side hustles, some elements might be a disadvantage, especially when trying to earn a target dollar payout.

    Here are some issues you’d deal with when writing reviews as a side gig.

    • High Competition: Because the job is remote, anyone globally is welcome to participate. Brands with international reach attract more reviewers, which can mean intense competition.
    • Can Take Time: The tough competition makes projects hard to come by, so earning more money will take time. Unless you consistently land high-paying review requests, it can take weeks, even months, to make a few hundred.
    • Minimal High-Paying Review Sites: Companies who pay well treat sponsored reviews as ads, so they’re looking for reviewers who deliver a high-quality review with honest feedback on their product’s best features. You must prove to be above the fold to get their attention.
    • May Prompt You to Write Fake Reviews: Some paid review sites want you to write positive reviews and disregard the cons. This is an issue if you value writing honest reviews, including the disadvantage of using a product or service.

    How To Write Reviews Online for Money: Step-By-Step Guide

    Now that you know where to check paid review opportunities, it’s time to work on the steps to set you up.

    Step 1: Decide on a Review Website or Platform

    You’re not limited to choosing a single platform, so trying several at once is an option. Try signing up for two or three options.

    You can choose one survey platform and mix it up with a product review site. You don’t need to submit anything yet. Use this chance to familiarize how the portals work.

    Step 2: Choose a Product to Review or Surveys to Take

    Once you feel comfortable navigating the website, start answering surveys or writing reviews.

    Give your honest opinion or response, and don’t dwell on an item for so long. There’s no right or wrong answer, and you won’t be penalized for providing your viewpoint.

    Step 3: List Down Product or Service Pros and Cons

    This applies to product or service reviews requiring specifics of an item. This should be easy if you’re familiar with the product.

    Otherwise, research from various reliable sites and note common features highlighted by other users.

    Step 4: Identify Features and Pricing

    Price and specifications are two elements that buyers use to decide on a purchase. Ensure you get accurate data on prices and specs from major online shopping sites or company websites.

    Step 5: Start Writing Reviews on Both the Technical and Personal Aspects

    Combine the tech side of a product with how you feel using them. This adds personality to your review and makes it more relatable for readers.

    Things to Consider When Writing Reviews for Money

    Writing reviews can be fun and profitable if you choose a reliable platform. Other than that, you’ll also need to consider the following:

    Personal Expertise

    What do you specialize in? Niche gigs like software reviews may be your best pick if you have a technical background in the topic and are familiar with its jargon.

    If it’s your first review, starting with topics you’re interested in is a great way to kick-start the gig.

    Time Availability

    How often do you plan to write reviews? The extra money you earn depends on the quantity you produce, and platforms price them differently.

    If you’re eyeing to take home a certain figure, you’ll need to create a schedule and decide what review to write at what time.

    Review Website

    This can refer to your preferred review platform or your personal review blog. Decide what review type you’d want to focus on.

    Will you only take on surveys, or are you into product and service reviews?

    Long-form reviews take longer to submit, but they also pay better. Surveys are the easiest and are often the most competitive.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the answers to the questions most people considering writing reviews for money ask:

    What is the Best Niche to Review?

    There isn’t any published data specifying niches you should review. Still, a great way to get the ball rolling is to begin with consumer-favorite industries like technology, books, cosmetics, fashion, and health. Usually, these companies are the ones that invest in market research and paid surveys.

    How Long Does it Take to Write Reviews?

    This depends on what you’re writing about. Complete surveys can last for 3 to 5 minutes, whereas book reviews can go up to a week, including the time spent reading the material.

    Simple product entries, like apps or software reviews, can be done in minutes to a few hours.

    Similar Ways to Get Paid

    Is writing not your cup of tea? Here are other great alternatives to earn extra money online:

    • How to Sell Notes: Are you skilled at note-taking? Learn how to sell your notes online from the best platforms that offer decent pay.
    • Get Paid to Go to School Online: Here’s your chance to save money and get online education from trusted universities that provide huge discounts and competent allowances.

    Wrapping Up

    There’s a solid demand for well-written reviews that many companies worldwide are willing to pay. Earning decent cash and rewards is straightforward if you know where to look.

    Use our list to start earning during your free time, and let us know which option you think is best!

    Have you tried writing reviews online? What platform do you recommend?

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