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How to Become a Shein Tester: Simple Steps To Take

Shein is a clothing brand offering a product testing job. Learn how to become a Shein tester, including the requirements and costs needed to apply.

Product testing jobs have now become quite popular. After all, who wouldn’t want to work in the comfort of their own homes?

However, looking for jobs online can baffle those unfamiliar with the process. The same goes when applying for product testing gigs, such as a Shein tester.

Luckily, you found this post.

We’ve compiled all you need to know on how to become a Shein tester in easy and digestible steps.

Stick with us, and let’s get you started with your online gig.

An Overview of Testing Shein Products: A Primer

Anyone who spends considerable time on the internet has probably seen Shein ads once or twice. They’re popular with fashion lovers for their affordable prices.

The company is currently offering a Shein Free Trial program. It’s a platform that allows customers to try products and get rewards in exchange for giving photos and detailed reviews.

Testers get to keep the clothes they receive for free. But they must describe their experience with the product, such as quality, comfort, style, fit, and durability.

This testing program is Shein’s way of getting first-hand, honest feedback from people who actually used their products.

For the customers, it’s an opportunity to receive fashionable clothes for free and get paid in the process.

It’s worth noting that Shein will have all rights to the texts, videos, and photos you’ll submit to their website. Your identity and information will remain hidden, though.

How Much Do Shein Testers Make?

In the US, product testers typically earn hourly rates between $9 to $41. The average monthly salary of these flexible gig jobs can go around $1000 to $7000.

Shein, however, doesn’t pay their testers with cash. Instead of bucks, you’ll receive Shein points for every product testing and review you accomplish.

Every shein point is equivalent to $1. And you can use these points to shop for products from the store and deduct as much as 70% for every item you purchase.

Testers are eligible for three Free Trial applications every week. They receive 20 Shein points for every successful transaction, totaling 60 points a week or 240 points a month.

There are several ways to rack up Shien points on top of your testing gig. You’ll receive points on registering, buying, feedbacking, and participating in Shein activities online.

You can also gather up to 2000 points daily by commenting on Shein products. The store permits collecting points until your account reaches its daily cap.

What You Need to Become a Shein Tester (& Associated Costs)

Shein testers enjoy fantastic offers and opportunities from the shop. Thus, it’s unsurprising that the company receives thousands of applications daily.

Here’s a list of requirements you’ll need to become a Shein tester:

  • Working Email: Shein will ask for your information if you want to join their Free Trial program. It includes your name, address, and email.
  • Shein Account: You’ll need a verified and non-blocked account to apply for free trial items. You can create an account by signing up on Shein’s official website.
  • Internet-Enabled Device: Shien will hold all their transactions and events online. Accepted applications will be posted on their Free Trial page daily.
  • Clear Camera: Testing and reviewing products will require clear photos. Shein will review photo submissions to ensure they follow their guidelines.
  • Legal Age: All Free Trial applicants must be 18 or older to be eligible for testing Shein products.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Shein Tester?

Getting paid to test products for Shein won’t cost the tester. You can apply long as you have internet access, a device, and a camera.

Testers can pick three items from the store for free every week. And Shein will pay for shipping the items to your address.

Once you receive the product, you’ll only have to worry about submitting the commentary review and photos. Submit the feedback within the given time frame to receive the allocated points.

The only aspect to watch out for when applying for Free Trial items is the tariff. In the case of confiscation, the tester is responsible for clearing customs and paying for charges.

Is It Hard to Become a Shein Tester?

Reviewing products for companies as a job is relatively easy. You don’t have to expend much resource and effort as you only need to test the products from home.

The challenge of becoming a Shein tester is in the application process. Tens of thousands of customers submit their applications for Free Trials regularly.

Shein will pick winners using an automated system. They’ll analyze factors such as previous store activities, purchase history, and Free Trial records.

For this reason, you mustn’t have pending issues with the company’s system. Blocked accounts, shipment returns, and guideline violations can affect your application.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Shein Tester?

Applying for a Free Trial only takes a few minutes if you have all the requirements ready. But processing can take around one week to get approved.

Tester applicants can track their application progress by logging into the store’s Free Trial Center. The chosen customers will receive an email or push notifications from the Shein app.

How to Become a Shein Tester in Five Simple Steps

vector graphic showing an illustration of how to sell clothes to platos closet

People interested in product testing jobs would be glad to know how easy it is to apply. Here are five simple steps to becoming a Shein tester:

Step 1: Create Your Shein Account

Shein requires all applicants to have a verified Shein account. Visit Shein’s official website and select the “Me” icon on the upper right corner of the page.

The page will show options for signing in or creating an account. To create an account, fill in the appropriate fields for your email address, phone number, password, and clothing preferences.

After filling in, read the terms and conditions and click agree. Under the terms and conditions is a “register” button that should complete your registration.

Shien will send email verification to the email address you input. Open your email, locate the verification message from Shein, and click “Confirm” to verify your account.

Step 2: Browse the Free Trial Index

You can begin your application after setting up your account. Log in to Shein’s website and locate the same “Me” icon you used when registering.

After clicking, the website will take you to your Shein profile. Your profile will show your orders, coupon, Shein points, and other features.

Locate the pane with the “other services” heading. This page will have “support,” “survey,” “share-earn,” and “free trial center” buttons under it.

Click the “free trial center” button to open the Free Trial items index. The page catalogs every available item you can apply for and grab for free.

Step 3: Pick Free Trial Items

Shein will post Free Trial items under the “in progress” heading. Each of these items will have their prices covered and replaced by $0.00.

The products will also have timers and show the number of customers applying for them. The timers indicate the time frame that the items are up for grabs.

First-timers and experienced testers will have three opportunities to select an item. After spending three trials, it’ll take one week for the chances to refresh.

Pick the clothing you want to review carefully. Then, click the “free trial” button under the item to submit your application.

Step 4: Wait for the Application Results

After submitting, the website will ask for relevant information. Fill in your mailing address to the text fields that’ll pop up, including the clothing size you want.

Double-check to ensure you provided the correct information. Click the submit button, and the website will take you back to the Free Trials index.

It’s best to use all three chances to increase your chances of acceptance. The number of applicants can also affect your application, so pick items with fewer people.

You’ll have to wait a week to receive the results of your submissions. You can check by logging into your Shein account and locating your items.

Step 5: Submit the Reviews

If you have the Shein application installed on your phone, the system will notify your acceptance. They’ll send you a confirmation message to your email as well.

The company will deliver the package to your address fully paid. You can immediately start reviewing the products after receiving them.

Shein will ask you to take photos and write a detailed product review within ten days. They’ll process your submission, and you’ll receive Shein points.

You can reapply the following week after completing the tasks. Failing to submit the reviews on time will reflect on your Shein record, which can affect your next application.

Reasons to Consider Being a Shein Tester

Shein testing is an excellent way to get ahead of the fashion trend without breaking the bank.

Here are some reasons why you should submit that Shein application:

  • Free Clothes: People who regularly spend bucks on their outfits can save considerable money by testing Shein clothing.
  • Shein Points: Shein points increase your savings by cutting down costs when shopping for Shein products.
  • Flexible Gig: Every transaction happens on your screen, allowing testers to enjoy the benefits without leaving home.
  • Shop Anything: Shein testers can try clothes of different sizes, ages, and gender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Get Paid From Shein?

Clothing testers for the company receive Shein points for reviewing products. You can, however, earn cash by becoming a brand ambassador.

Can Anyone Become a Shein Tester?

Anyone with a Shein account can become a tester. It doesn’t matter which area you’re from long as you’re of or above the legal age.

Wrapping Up

Companies selling products will always need product testers. And Shein’s testing job provides wonderful offers to shoppers who want to save hundreds of dollars for their outfits.

So, do you think being a Shein tester is worth it? Leave your thoughts in the comments and share this article with your friendss

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