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How To Become A Bottle Girl [In 5 Easy Steps]

If you’re a woman needing a good-paying side gig, consider becoming a bottle girl. Check out our complete guide on how to become a bottle girl.

Are you looking for a gig you can do after school or work? Or do you need a job that pays good money without needing much skill and experience?

If you’re a woman and don’t mind working at a nightclub, consider working as a bottle girl.

Bottle girls act as servers that also entertain and sell alcohol to customers. You often see them in high-end clubs in most cities like Las Vegas and Atlanta.

If you’re unsure if this opportunity suits you, this guide provides everything you need to know about how to become a bottle girl.

Learn more about their role, earnings, requirements, and more!

An Overview of Bottle Girls: A Primer

Fancy clubs, bars, and lounges often offer a bottle service, where customers can buy whole bottles of alcohol or champagne.

However, unlike regular table service, a bottle service offers an elevated experience specifically for wealthy patrons or VIPs.

Part of the experience includes having bottle girls serve and entertain the private tables.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a lady pouring alcohol in a glass related to how to become a bottle girl

A bottle girl serves drinks to customers, ensures the cleanliness of bottles and glasses, and entertains clients by doing bottle presentations, dancing with guests, and drinking with them.

They also differ from cocktail waitresses in terms of how they serve customers.

Cocktail waitresses focus on taking orders and making cocktails, while bottle girls stock the bar’s liquor and supplies, clean glasses and bottles, check IDs, and take care of customers.

Unlike a cocktail server, this job can be demanding since a bottle girl works at night and for long hours. Also, the server must wear revealing clothing and party with customers in a nightclub or bar.

How Much Do Bottle Girls Make?

According to ZipRecruiter, bottle service in the U.S. pays an average of $45.19 hourly, with most servers earning between $12.50 to $20.67 per hour.

The salary varies depending on the person’s skill level, years of experience, and location.

For example, bottle service in Atlanta pays around $18.49 per hour, while bottle girls in Las Vegas receive an average of $16.02 hourly.

Besides their base wage, a bottle server earns tips or commissions. One bottle girl in Arizona shares she received a gratuity of $1,800 and $4,800 on two separate tickets.

Although not all tips in this job reach thousands of dollars, it’s enough for many to consider bottle service as among high-paying side jobs.

What You’ll Need to Become a Bottle Girl [& Associated Costs]

What do you need to become a bottle girl? Check out these must-have traits for this job:

  • Fit Body: Most clubs require bottle girls to have a good physique. Consider exercising, going to a gym, or hiring a personal trainer to help you prepare for the position and stay in shape. Also, avoid unhealthy food and reduce your alcohol consumption.
  • Neat and Pleasant Appearance: Since bottle girls must have a pleasant appearance, show up with your hair and face made up without being too excessive. Ensure to have clean nails and toes. Also, consider wearing perfume to smell better.
  • Strong Social Skills: Ideally, you must have a pleasing personality, excellent communication, and enthusiasm to socialize well with customers. Having better conversations can lead to more sales and money.
  • Confidence: This server faces many people and wears provocative outfits while aiming to sell more alcohol for more money. One must have the confidence to do their job and socialize with customers.
  • Basic Knowledge of Alcohol: Although not required, women who know the basics of alcohol, like spirits, wines, and champagnes, have an advantage over others. This knowledge will come in handy when selling customers bottles of liquor.
  • Experience in Customer Service: Having previous customer experience also provides an advantage when working as a bottle girl in a club.
  • Open Mind: Since a bottle girl must also wear revealing clothes and entertain customers, you must have an open mind in this industry to make good money.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Bottle Girl?

Becoming a bottle girl doesn’t cost anything, even during training.

However, since bottle girls must have an attractive face and body, consider getting a gym membership or a personal trainer to stay fit.

A gym membership costs an average of $75.32 monthly in New York and $38 monthly in Wyoming. Meanwhile, a personal trainer costs $60 to $75 hourly; the exact costs depend on your state.

Is It Hard to Become a Bottle Girl?

Bottle service can be challenging since the servers must juggle waiting on the patrons and entertaining them.

Besides waiting on the tables, bottle girls must also take orders, serve alcohol, clean bottles, talk to the guests, drink alcohol, and more.

This job also expects the servers to work at night through long hours, making it physically tiring.

Most clubs and bars also require these servers to look beautiful to attract and please clients.

Some even specify an ideal weight the servers should maintain while hired. Going over that weight could put them on probation or get fired.

Lastly, due to the nature of the work, bottle girls may experience racism, misogyny, and harassment.

Although working as a server in a club makes good money, consider all the challenges above and know where to draw the line before taking on this gig.

How Long Does It Take To Become a Bottle Girl?

The length it takes to become a bottle girl highly depends on many factors. These factors include the available job openings, the person’s ability to meet job requirements, and training time.

Applying for a job opening could take days to months, depending on how good you find available positions and if you possess what clubs look for.

If you get hired, you’ll receive training or a crash course to bottle service. The course could take days to weeks, depending on the nightclub’s program or the girls’ performance.

How to Become a Bottle Girl in 5 Simple Steps

To become a bottle girl, follow these steps to start working in the bottle service industry today!

Step 1: Look for Job Openings

Start by searching for a club, nightclub, bar, or lounge with an opening.

Check nightclubs’ websites or social media channels to see if they’re currently hiring. These establishments usually have open auditions during the year’s first quarter or whenever needed.

If you know another server, waitress, promoter, host, or manager working in this industry, don’t hesitate to ask them if they’re looking for a bottle girl.

Also, consider looking at the right place. If your city doesn’t have many nightclubs, find opportunities in other cities like Las Vegas and Atlanta.

As a tip, read the job description carefully to see which requirements fit you and which you need to gain.

Typical requirements include being 18 years old, having a valid ID, and having a pleasant appearance and personality.

Step 2: Apply for the Position

After finding a club with an available position, submit your resume and application form, if any.

If you meet the requirements and your application receives approval, the manager will reach out for an interview.

Expect to hear questions about your previous work experience. While most don’t require customer service or related job experience, many clubs will see it as an advantage.

Sometimes, the nightclub will conduct an audition instead of an interview.

During the audition, the manager will look at your appearance and likely ask you to wear a bikini to showcase your body. Show up in your best clothes and bikini to wow the hiring manager.

If the nightclub hires you, you’ll receive a training date to prepare you for the job.

Step 3: Train as a Bottle Girl

Before working as a server, the club will train you first.

During training, you’ll learn more about the industry, how to clean the bottles and glasses, and the different types of drinks to serve, like champagne and wine.

The club will also tell you what to wear, how to behave, and how to care for clients. This phase will also prepare you to work long hours at night.

After the training, you’ll undergo a test to see if you understand the lessons.

Step 4: Work as a Bottle Girl

Once accepted, your responsibility as a bottle girl includes:

  • Being attentive to and socializing with customers
  • Seating VIPs in their area
  • Serving drinks
  • Cleaning the glasses and bottles

Although the job can be physically and socially tiring for some, doing well results in earning high tips. Selling more alcohol also results in more commissions.

A shift can last between eight to ten hours. Ensure you have enough energy before every shift to stay alert, alive, and awake.

Step 5: Get Paid and Get Tips

As mentioned, a bottle girl’s salary includes the base wage and tips. The base wage includes your hourly rate, often the minimum hourly wage.

Meanwhile, the tips come from the customers. You’ll receive a lot if the client likes your service and can tip well.

Tips can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on your performance.

Regarding payment frequency, many nightclubs usually pay the same day.

However, some pay you weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the person’s arrangement with the club.

Reasons to Consider Becoming a Bottle Girl

Check out the perks of working in bottle service.

  • Receive High Pay: Many try bottle service due to its decent hourly rate. Expect to make around $16 to $45 hourly, depending on your location and experience. Plus, earn about $100 or more per night on tips alone.
  • Gain Connections: High-end nightclubs, lounges, and bars attract various people, especially VIPs. It’s a great opportunity to meet people, make friends, and establish work relationships you can use for future work.
  • Gain Skills: Practice and improve your communication by socializing with various personalities. You can also gain customer service experience you can use in future work. Plus, you learn to become a team player as you work with other staff in the club.
  • Have Fun: If you like socializing, partying, dancing to music, or meeting new people, this job will offer a fun environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Be a Bottle Girl Under 21?

The law states that you must be at least 18 years old to serve alcohol, but the minimum age still depends on the state.

For example, servers can be 16 to do bottle service in West Virginia, while servers in Las Vegas must be at least 21 to serve alcohol.

Can You Be a Bottle Girl at 30?

Yes, you can still become a bottle girl at 30. However, bottle girls at this age must maintain their looks, as nightclubs and customers prefer younger women.

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Wrapping Up

Becoming a bottle girl requires you to have a good physique, serve drinks to customers, and entertain guests for long hours.

But despite this demanding work, bottle service offers a lucrative way to earn money, especially through tips.

If you don’t mind the challenges of working in this industry, consider applying as a bottle girl as a side gig or career!

Would you like to become a bottle girl? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends if it helped you learn more about this gig.

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