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Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos

Wishing someone would pay you for being on YouTube? Check out the nine sites and apps where you can get paid to watch YouTube videos in 2024.

Struggling to make ends meet?

Welcome to the party. With inflation rates likely not cooling off anytime soon, millions of people all over the world are looking for ways to generate extra income and pay for their expenses.

Luckily, there’s a way to make extra money while doing one of your favorite pastimes. With the nine great platforms in this review, you can get paid to watch YouTube videos, ads, and more content.

Even better, it’s easy to sign up for these services and get that extra money coming your way. Check out this guide to learn how to start this lucrative side gig.

The Best Ways to Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks above. For a full list and detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel (Desktop and Mobile Software) – Best Overall
  2. Swagbucks (Online Platform or Mobile App) – Runner Up
  3. MyPoints (Online Platform, Mobile App) – Top Rated Rewards Platform
  4. Paidwork (Online Platform, Mobile App) – Best Video Library
  5. WeAre8 (Mobile App) – Best for Socially Conscious People
  6. InstaCG (Online Platform) – Best for Passive YouTube Viewers
  7. Slicethepie (Online Platform) – Best for Writing Reviews
  8. ClipClaps (Mobile App) – Best for Discovering New Content Creators
  9. Fiverr (Online Platform) – Best for Setting Up a Gig

Can You Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos?

You can get paid by YouTube if you create an account and sign up for the YouTube Partner program. Then, you can start generating extra income through the content you post on the platform.

Getting paid to watch videos directly on YouTube isn’t possible without the use of some third-party apps. But the nine platforms you’ll discover in this review have a workaround.

The amount of money you can generate through this side gig depends on how much time you can invest in watching videos. Researchers estimate that some gig workers can earn between $31 and $115 per hour, while full-time gig workers can generate around $6,810 a month.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a hand holding a bag with a dollar sign and shows how to get paid to watch youtube videos

What You’ll Need to Watch YouTube Videos for Money

To get paid to watch online videos, you’ll need to tick a few boxes:

  • Minimum age requirement: most of these services require their users to be 18 or older, though some can allow minors to earn extra money if they have their legal guardian’s consent.
  • A personal device (laptop or mobile phone): whether you’re looking at online videos for money or have to fill in a survey after watching, you’ll need a personal device to complete the tasks. Some platforms may require downloading special software to watch the videos, which is not possible to do on your employer’s devices unless you get their approval.
  • Steady Internet access: video content needs a stable Internet connection, so you won’t be able to use mobile data for this specific side gig. If you don’t have WiFi at home, you may go to your local library or a coffee shop that offers free internet access.
  • Language requirements: most services on this list require English speakers to complete the tasks. And some limit their services to the US and other English-speaking countries.
  • Time and commitment: you will need to invest some of your spare time into watching these videos and completing additional tasks after, like writing a review.

Where to Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos

Many platforms are looking for movie lovers and YouTube users to pay them to watch online videos. Some can offer real cash, E-gift cards, vouchers, and other rewards.

Check out the nine best places where you can watch videos for extra cash and see which one suits you best:

1. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel (Desktop and Mobile Software) – Best Overall

You might know this company for its famous Nielsen TV ratings. This research company is also looking into how people use the Internet.

The Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel requires you to download a mobile app or computer software and use your devices normally, including watching the YouTube content you prefer or watch movies.

How Much Can You Make

There are three types of prizes with this software. You can win up to $60 reward points per year, which can be redeemed via PayPal or as gift cards.

You can also play instant win scratch-off games and generate additional points there or participate in the $10,000 monthly sweepstakes.

What Makes This Option Great

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is great if you don’t want to have to watch a specific type of content or have a lot of time to perform tasks.

The service encourages you to use the Internet (or your connected device) as you usually would.

  • Typical Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Typical Payment Methods: PayPal or gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers

2. Swagbucks (Online Platform or Mobile App) – Runner Up

Swagbucks is a consumer loyalty and rewards program where you can generate extra revenue by doing different tasks, including watching videos.

There are several ways to earn points on the platform. You can get paid to take surveys, play games, scan your receipts to get cashback, and enter contests where you can win gadgets and extra Swagbucks points.

How Much Can You Make

According to the company, typical earnings range from $1 to $5 a day, though there are some tasks that can pay as much as $250. But these are rare.

What Makes This Option Great

Swagbucks has been around since 2008, and one of its major benefits is the experience it has in the industry. Many active tasks are available, giving users a real chance to generate a side income through the platform.

You can sign up for free and start earning points right away.

  • Typical Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Typical Payment Methods: PayPal, prepaid Visa, gift cards

3. MyPoints (Online Platform, Mobile App) – Top Rated Rewards Platform

MyPoints is a rewards website and app that’s been around since 1996. The company has a 4.4 rating on Trustpilot with over 19,000 user reviews, making it the top-rated customer loyalty platform on this list.

If you sign up for MyPoint, you can get paid to play games, watch online videos, browse for deals and offers, complete surveys, and more.

You can use the site on a desktop device or download their mobile app.

How Much Can You Make

MyPoints tasks have their own set of rewards, so the amount you can make depends on the specific survey or video you watch. The company claims some tasks can be paid up to $50.

What Makes This Option Great

MyPoints tasks are easy to complete, so there is a real possibility of earning a stable side income from this platform.

But its most significant benefit is the amount of savings you can get if you shop through the MyPoints platform and earn discounts and cashback on your purchases.

New accounts also receive a $5 sign-up bonus.

  • Typical Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Typical Payment Methods: PayPal, Gift cards, air miles

4. Paidwork (Online Platform, Mobile App) – Best Video Library

Paidwork is a service where you can generate extra cash remotely. The service offers its users the ability to get paid to shop online, watch videos, play games, and even learn extra skills.

People can also turn Paidwork tasks into a full-time hustle and provide useful resources to help their users make the most out of the platform’s features.

How Much Can You Make

Paidwork estimates that users can earn around $150 a month without any additional charges or taxes. However, there is no limit to how much you can generate.

Based on their estimates, the current monetization rates for watching videos are between $0.01 – $0.10.

What Makes This Option Great

Paidwork has a great library of videos, so you can generate money without needing to look through their other three methods of making extra money.

You get matched with short, 30-second video ads based on your personal information, such as location and gender.

  • Typical Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Typical Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer

5. WeAre8 (Mobile App) – Best for Socially Conscious People

WeAre8 is a social media platform that gives back to its user base and the community at large.

Members receive a share of the revenue the company earns based on what video ads they choose to watch. You can choose to keep the cash for yourself or donate it to your favorite cause. WeAre8 offers a unique way to make money from your phone.

How Much Can You Make

WeAre8 claims to pay users between 0.10 and 0.20 British Pounds for each short video ad they watch.

Users can withdraw their funds every 30 days.

What Makes This Option Great

WeAre8 is an excellent option for the socially conscious individual who wants to leverage their time to make the world a better place.

If you’re from the UK or Australia, this is the ideal platform to generate money by watching videos or getting extra funds to donate to a cause you care about.

  • Typical Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Typical Payment Methods: PayPal

6. InstaCG (Online Platform) – Best for Passive YouTube Viewers

With InstaCG, you can get gift cards by completing different tasks, but the most popular way to get rewards on this platform is by watching online videos.

You can access several playlists and simply let them run in the background. Since you won’t need to fill out a questionnaire, InstaCG pays you for your view, not for actually consuming the content.

How Much Can You Make

Tasks get you points. One point on InstantCG is worth $ 000.01, so you’ll need 100 points to earn $1.

You earn 1 point for every 20 videos watched. But at first, you’ll have a cap of 50 videos per day. The cap can increase based on your activity, so if you use the platform more, you can get as many as 500 or 2,000 videos per day.

What Makes This Option Great

With InstaGC, you can use multiple devices to play different playlists simultaneously. Put the devices on mute and simply relax.

There are also other ways to get more money through this platform, like visiting sites or downloading and installing programs, which can help increase your earnings.

  • Typical Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Typical Payment Methods: Instant gift cards

7. Slicethepie (Online Platform) – Best for Writing Reviews

If you like sharing your opinion online, you can do that for money on Slicethepie. The service pats users for watching commercials, listening to music, and more.

Artists sign up for the platform and share their content. You get paid after writing a short review of your experience.

How Much Can You Make

Payment depends on your star rating. Slicethepie encourages users to write detailed reviews on the commercials they watch, so it’s best to leave your honest thoughts without holding back.

The better your reviews, the more you can earn per each one. The company claims you can earn around $0.01 – $0.20 per review.

What Makes This Option Great

Slicethepie is an exciting opportunity to discover new artists before they’re launched. Your opinion actually matters to these people, so you can even play a role in helping them improve their content before it’s released.

  • Typical Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Typical Payment Methods: PayPal

8. ClipClaps (Mobile App) – Best for Discovering New Content Creators

ClipClaps is a mobile app that rewards users for watching videos in different ways. You can earn cash, participate in raffles and get coupons for major retailers like Amazon.

The app provides users with unique content. It partners with many content creators, most of whom create funny videos.

How Much Can You Make

ClipClaps has several ways to help you generate income, and it’s difficult to estimate how much you’ll make because it depends on your activity.

For instance, you can receive $1 for each friend that signs up to the platform with your referral code. Watching videos helps you earn points, which you can convert into real money, but it can also get you mystery boxes.

What Makes This Option Great

ClipClap is for anyone who already spends much time online watching funny videos. The app itself is very addicting, and you can enjoy countless hours of scrolling through hilarious content.

And the more time you spend on it, the more you can earn.

  • Typical Fees/Commission: N/A
  • Typical Payment Methods: PayPal

9. Fiverr (Online Platform) – Best for Setting Up a Gig

Fiverr is an industry-leading freelancing platform where you can get paid to do just about anything.

Users can sign up, set their own service profiles, get paid to review movies, give feedback on YouTube videos for new creators, and more.

How Much Can You Make

With Fiverr, you’re free to set your own rates. The average income is around $500 per month, but it varies greatly based on your niche and your profile rating.

If you invest enough time, you can build a steady income through Fiverr. Many people use it as their primary source of money.

What Makes This Option Great

You don’t have to play by anyone’s rules with Fiverr. If you want to make money while watching YouTube videos, set up a gig for it. There are new creators looking to get more views which might be interested in your offer.

  • Typical Fees/Commission: 20%
  • Typical Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Direct Deposit

Why You Should Consider Watching YouTube Videos As a Side Hustle

Watching YouTube videos as a side hustle comes with lots of benefits. These can include:

  • Job flexibility: these platforms don’t impose strict rules regarding how much you can make. You’re free to dedicate as much time as you want to this side gig.
  • Making your own hours: it’s the perfect side gig if you already have a full-time job. You can work from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a device you can connect to the internet.
  • Earning money while being entertained: if watching YouTube videos was already a daily activity for you, now you can be entertained while making some extra cash.
  • No special skills required: you don’t need to sign up for a class or develop any special skills for this side gig. You’ll start earning money from day one.

Problems With Watching YouTube Videos For Money

It’s not all roses, unfortunately. Getting paid to watch YouTube videos comes with some drawbacks you should consider:

  • Type of content: you can’t always choose the type of content you get to watch for money. If you don’t like the content, you might have a difficult time getting through it.
  • Playthrough: these services usually pay you if you watch the full video. If your internet connection is interrupted and you don’t finish it, you’ll need to watch it again to get paid for it.
  • Time investment: like most side gigs, the amount of money you make depends on how much time you watch the videos. You should consider if you can fit this side gig into your schedule.
  • Rewards method: some of these services don’t payout in cash. If you don’t like the idea of getting gift cards, you’ll need to look for platforms that either pay their users with money, or find an alternative side gig.

How To Watch YouTube Videos: Step-By-Step Instructions

If you decided to get paid to watch YouTube videos, here’s what you’ll need to do:

Step 1: Choose a Platform

Have another look at our reviews and choose the platform that suits you best.

If you want to do your own research, look for platforms with a proven track record of paying their users to watch videos. And consider their eligibility requirements, payment methods, and other factors that matter to you.

Step 2: Sign Up

For most of these platforms, registration is straightforward. You’ll need to give them your name, address, and contact information.

Once your account is created, add your preferred payment method, and you’re ready to start making money.

Step 3: Browse and Choose Your Tasks

Check out the different earning opportunities on your platform of choice and start making extra money.

Each task will show the number of points you get after completing it, so look for higher-paying videos if you want to make more right away.

Things to Consider When Watching YouTube Videos for Money

Before you start this new side gig, here are three things to consider:

1. Location

Such services might not operate in your specific location. Though you can use a VPN to mask your IP address and access the site, it’s best to avoid signing up.

If you do, you may complete some tasks but will likely have problems taking money from your account. Stick to platforms available in your country to ensure you will get paid for your work.

2. Eligibility

Even if you can use a platform, not all tasks will be available to you. Companies might look for specific profiles to watch their videos and complete surveys.

You should look for platforms that have a large volume of tasks to make sure you can find enough of them to generate a side income.

3. Your Employment Status

As with most internet gigs, getting paid to watch videos online is not a contract position. You’ll be considered a freelancer or independent contractor, meaning you must file your own takes.

It also means that your account can also be terminated more easily. Be sure to read the platform’s terms of use to ensure you don’t break any rules that can result in a locked account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YouTube Pay for Views?

YouTube pays its creators for views. If you start posting your content, you can earn an average of $180 for 1,000 views.
The platform doesn’t pay you for watching videos.

You’ll need to sign up for third-party services like the ones reviewed in this list if you want to make money by watching online videos.

How Can I Make $100 a Day Watching YouTube Videos?

There are lots of lucrative side gigs that pay more. The best place to earn $100 a day or more is Fiverr since you can set your own rates and get clients yourself. Other services may cap the number of tasks or videos you can watch per day.

Similar Ways to Get Paid

If watching online videos for money isn’t for you, try these other options:

Wrapping Up

The gig economy has an opportunity to make more money online through any type of activity you can think of. People who generally spend hours every day watching videos can take this hobby and turn it into a lucrative side hustle.

With the nine platforms in this article, you have all the chances to start this new gig and increase your monthly earnings.

Check them out now, and let us know in the comments what you think of this easy money-making opportunity.

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