Get Paid to Watch Videos: 9+ Options For 2024 [& Payments]

Learn how to get paid to watch videos. Understand the role, what it entails, what it pays, and the best places to apply for this video-watching gig.

Key Takeaways

  • You can make money by watching videos on various legitimate websites.
  • Earnings range from $100 to $200 monthly, depending on the platform.
  • Basic requirements include a smartphone, internet connection, and access to specific apps.
  • Sites like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and Kashkick are popular for earning from videos.

Do you find it challenging to successfully convert your pastime of watching videos into a money-making gig?

Getting the proper gig to fulfill your purpose proves difficult for most people.

There are a lot of dynamics and requirements that can mess up your plans.

The good news is that you can get paid to watch videos and add them as income streams.

It’s about identifying an appropriate gig as you grow into the activity.

A suitable template is all you need to help you earn money from watching videos.

Find out how you can benefit most from watching videos.

The Best Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. InboxDollars
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Kashkick

Can You Get Paid to Watch Videos?

You can make money by watching videos and ads on the internet.

People couple it with other online ventures to boost their earnings from the internet.

Various sites offer different opportunities to earn from watching at least a dollar or a couple of bucks per hour.

The cumulative monthly payments could increase to $200.

Having a good guide on the websites to sign up for gigs helps you increase your earnings.

It offers you a worthy but helpful break if you’re tired of working.

It enables you to navigate signing up, working, and maximizing your output when watching these videos.

How Much Can You Make by Watching Videos

You can make between $100 to $200 monthly from watching videos on the internet.

Some YouTube Videos have higher watching rates of up to $60 to $300 hourly.

Such rates improve your online monthly earnings helping you to settle different bills or financial goals.

Most sites have an hourly rate of about at least $2.

Some rates rise to a few hundred dollars as you continue engaging in the apps.

They calculate your earnings based on the hours spent while watching their videos.

There are a few entities that pay per video watched.

You must check the work and payment terms before engaging in the job.

Also, consider the withdrawal limits or other stipulations to know how you’ll get paid.

Some sites offer tokens or vouchers you can redeem in their online shops.

At the same time, others have a minimum withdrawal limit, usually $3, $5, or $10.

What You’ll Need To Get Paid to Watch Videos?

If you spend considerable time watching videos on your social media platforms or listening to music, you have all you need to watch videos.

Watching videos is a simple venture you can initiate by having an active internet connection on your phone.

To start getting paid to watch videos, you need to get the following requirements:

Tablet/ laptop/ smartphone

You must have one of these devices to help you access the internet.

They are the medium by which you can access the apps and watch videos anywhere and at any time.

Internet connection

You must be connected to the internet when watching videos.

The primary purpose of videos and video game journalism is to market or highlight the message or products in the video.

Therefore they use the internet to spread the message.

You can’t access the apps or websites without an active connection.

Ensure you have a stable and reliable connection when watching the videos.


Most gigs will demand that you download an app or use a particular website to watch their videos.

You can easily download the videos from the app stores for your use.

Where To Get Paid to Watch Videos?

Numerous apps and websites offer places where you can watch videos, thus making money from your phone.

The app you choose determines the amount of money you can earn from the site.

You can have multiple sites to increase your earnings when watching your videos.

The beauty of these sites is that you can multitask when doing other activities like enjoying a movie or traveling.

You can get paid to watch videos using the following methods:

  • Through fees/ commission – Here, the dealer or broker receives a cut of the amount collected as a commission
  • Using other payment methods – The platform employs other methods like direct deposits, PayPal, or Cheques

Here are some sites to watch out for.


InboxDollars is a well-established site with a good reputation and reviews across Android and iOS platforms.

It pays you cash for watching previews, commercials, trailers, or shows.

However, you must watch the videos from the website as redirected from the app to earn the cash.

Also, you can read sponsored emails or fill in surveys to supplement the cash you earn from watching videos.

How Much You Can Make

InboxDollars offer a low pay-per-view rate that could take quite a while to make the minimum withdrawal amount ($15).

With the additional tasks, you might shorten the period and have the minimum payout within no time.

Once you open an account and activate it, you earn $5, which gets deposited into your account.

You automatically make it without any additional requirements.

What Makes This Option Great

First, the bonus cash earned when signing up motivates you to use this app.

The versatility and provision of watching videos from different categories to earn some money make it a go-to option.

Additionally, you can venture into other online tasks to improve your earnings from the website.

Typical Fees/Commission

The app gets commission from the product’s website links that have gotten redirected.

They then share this commission as part of the bonus signing fee and pay-per-view fee.

Typical Payment Methods

InboxDollars uses PayPal to settle your rewards and redemption in your account.


SwagBucks utilizes points as a measure of cash earned for viewing.

There are over ten categories where you can watch videos of at least 30 minutes to earn a point.

Once you accumulate your points, you can redeem them at popular online vendors like Amazon or use them as PayPal cash.

What Makes This Option Great

SwagBucks is a popular site because of its low minimum cash out.

You’ll find gifts or vouchers for $3, which you can redeem and enjoy your rewards.

Though the pay-per-view is generally on the lower side, you don’t have to accumulate a lot of views to buy something.

You can also get cashback and earn more points through other activities like surveys or cash-back shopping.

When signing, you can get up to $10 after spending at least $25 in SwagBucks shopping.

Typical Fees/Commission

Since the payment method involves popular retailers, it’s easy for sellers to earn more from the shoppers visiting the link.

Typical Payment Methods

The SwagBucks payment methods include redeeming your points using PayPal cash or other popular retailers like Amazon and Target.


Kashkick allows you to earn money by watching videos or playing games online.

It’s a straightforward app to sign in using your Google or Facebook account and start earning immediately.

Though it has low pay rates ($0.25) like other apps, the ease of accessing your money through PayPal makes it popular.

What Makes This Option Great

The simplicity of this app makes it perfect for beginners to make money online.

By completing your profile on the app, you earn $1, giving you a good foundation for your first earnings.

You can use PayPal to withdraw your money, and it has no limits when taking out cash.

Typical Fees/Commission

The app charges each product view or survey according to the niche and impact on the website.

Typical Payment Methods

KashKick uses PayPal to settle its payments to its users.

Why You Should Consider Watching Videos as a Side Hustle

Watching videos as a side hustle boosts your income and gives you options on online platforms.

You can learn many things from these videos regarding marketing and handling your business ideas.

Here are some benefits you get from watching videos as a side hustle:

  • Increase your income streams: Having an extra source of income boosts your financial status.
    It helps you grow and achieve more financially
  • Learn about your online options: Watching videos increase your online opportunities for earning money. These apps have other tasks that could boost your earnings and improve your app’s understanding
  • Maximize your online presence: Watching videos helps you improve your online presence.
    It allows you to explore other online platforms and how you can earn from them too.
  • Helps you gain financial discipline: With the minimum payouts in most platforms, you’ll have to teach yourself how to remain disciplined financially to achieve your goals

Problems With Watching Videos

The challenges with watching videos online to earn money can slowly discourage you because of its slow nature.

There’s no guarantee of what you can achieve when holding on to this hustle.

You only rely on your consistency and promises as given by the platform.

Look at these problems:

  • Low pay-per-view rates: Most apps and websites have low pay-per-view rates forcing you to watch more videos to get to the minimum payouts
  • Minimum payouts: You can’t withdraw your earrings without racing the minimum payout amounts in apps
  • Time-consuming: You spend a lot of time earning a substantial amount of money
  • Reliance on other activities and redirections: You have to depend on offers or other tasks to improve your earnings significantly

How To Get Paid to Watch Videos: Step-By-Step Instructions

Now you know the pros and cons of watching videos to earn money, how can you sign up for these gigs?

Several essential steps determine how much you can make from these tasks. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Choose Your Preferred Website/App

Many apps and websites offer these gigs.

But you must be keen on their reviews and performance before signing up for them.

You should look up every recommendation given on the internet to understand if the video will be a good fit.

You want to ensure that you can watch as many videos as possible.

You can’t do this if you don’t confirm the video types and niches before subscribing.

Aligning your interests to your chosen website will help you naturally fit into the website.

Consider their ratings and fees or chargers you’ll incur.

The minimum cashout is also another vital factor that could push you away.

These factors should help you decide on the eBay app/website for the assigned tasks.

Once you have all the boxes ticked, you can sign up.

2. Fill in Your Profile

Next, you need to sign up.

Some websites offer to use created profiles like Facebook or Google accounts to build your profile.

Other sites will require you to fill up forms or surveys to complete your registration process.

Sites like KashKick or SwagBuck will reward you for signing up by giving you cash or points rewards that you can redeem later or on the spot.

3. Start Watching Videos & Earn Money

After filling out your form, you can start earning by watching videos.

Choose the type of category you want to watch and start earning.

Some sites allow you to watch from different niches giving you better chances of increasing your rewards.

Watch out for offers or additional tasks that could increase your earnings.

Things to Consider When Watching Videos

Watching videos online requires keenness to detail and understanding online demands.

With the changes in technology and its needs, you must remain alert to website or app changes.

The payment or rule change could cause mean a shift in payment routine, which could affect your earnings.

Here are some factors to consider:

Website Rules

Every website has guiding principles that every user should follow when using it.

For example, if using SwagBucks, you can’t expect them to pay you in cash while their reward system is in points.

Familiarize yourself with their structure and requirements before signing up.

The Niche of the Videos

Make sure you’re comfortable with the niche of the videos chosen.

If you don’t support the product features, it’ll be challenging to complete your assigned tasks, thus reducing your earnings.

Payment Guidelines

Understand the payment guidelines.

Know their currency, payment method, and minimum cash out before completing your registration.

With this, it’s easy to manage your expectations, thus reducing frustrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs about getting paid to watch videos:

Will YouTube pay me to watch videos?

No. You can’t earn from watching YouTube videos.

You can only earn through another website or app that promotes the video.

If you are a content creator or own a YouTube account, consider working on monetizing your account to earn from its views.

Can you get paid by watching Netflix?

You can get paid for watching Netflix as a ‘Netflix Tagger.’

A Netflix tagger watches movies or shows dedicated by Netflix to give the appropriate tags.

Most Taggers are part-timers and work to promote certain shows or movies.

Similar Tutorials To Check Out

Watching videos is one of the upcoming and popular ways to earn money online.

There are other ventures that you can choose to explore to expand your gig’s potential.

Check out these options.

  • Get Paid to Watch Movies: You can get paid to watch movies for your comments and reviews or increase the views.
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  • Get Paid to Sleep: The most unusual one is when you get paid to sleep by bedding manufacturers. They’ll rely on your reviews and experience to market their products.

Wrapping Up

Learning how to improve your finances when you get paid to watch videos boosts your financial journey and status.

Aren’t you glad you learned a new and straightforward way of earning money?

These steps reassure you that, however small, you can build your online and financial profile without a hustle.

If you find this helpful information, let’s know in the comment section.

You can also like and share the article to enlighten your friends.

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