Is Sampler Legit? Pros, Cons & 2024 User Reviews Explained

Is Sampler legit?" is a frequent question about the product experience website. This guide will explore the service and whether or not it's worth your

Our Unbiased Thoughts

Are you interested in receiving free food, cosmetics, home goods, and other products but wondering, “Is Sampler legit?”

You’re not alone. In fact, this is a common question, as this service almost seems too good to be true.

In this post, we’ll examine Sampler and where it stands as a legitimate service.

Stick around for a complete rundown of how the site works, its positive and negative reviews, and insights into its customer service and quality.

What Is Sampler?

Sampler, as the name suggests, provides personalized samples of tangible and digital products right to your door.

For example, you can request Oreo gluten-free cookies, Chickpea organic spiral pasta, Wild Planet tuna pasta salad, M&M’s Crunchy Cookie candy, or GoGo squeeZ Organic + Fruit Sauce to fill your stomach.

Do you fancy sipping on a nice, warm beverage? Sampler can send Carnation Simply Hot Chocolate, Tetley Super Herbal Immune + Tea, and Tim Hortons dark roast K-Cup coffee pods, to name a few.

You can even receive everyday goods like sugar, dishwasher cleaning tablets, and sleep aids for product testing.

Sampler was founded in 2013 and strives to connect businesses and consumers. The company has partnered with over 1,000 brands across many industries, including platforms, publishers, retailers, and consumer goods companies. The service is available to use in more than 20 countries.

Canadian and North American users can participate in Signature Programs focused on one or several brands. Users receive exclusive coupons or samples from the brands on a limited basis.

How Does Sampler Work?

You must have a Sampler account to begin receiving items.

After creating your account, log in and complete your profile, then start sharing brand preferences so that Sampler can send you goods you care about.

Check your inbox for notifications of new samples available. Claim the ones you like.

Next comes the most difficult part, which is waiting for your box to arrive in the mail. Users are encouraged to snap photos of the products they receive and enjoy and post them on social media.

Every month, Sampler gives a lucky winner a $50 gift card for posting with the hashtag #SamplerLove.

You will receive questions about the product mailed to you. Your opinions influence what you receive in your next order.

Common Questions to Understand

Sampler prides itself on a straightforward registration process and user experience, but you might still have questions about the website. The information shared in this section will help you understand the company’s services and build your opinion.

Do You Pay for Shipping with Sampler?

You don’t have to worry about shipping costs when receiving free samples.

The brands that partner with Sampler pay for shipping. It’s less expensive than marketing and advertising campaigns, yet it can help companies expand their customer base.

Where Is Sampler Located?

Sampler is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and mails boxes across North America, including the United States. However, it does not ship to Puerto Rico.

How Often Do You Get Orders from Sampler?

The Sampler Market Program, its standard program, renews offers every month. Users will receive offers based on their interests, preferences, and opinions on past products.

How Many Samples Can You Claim Through Sampler?

You can claim every eligible sample the website makes available. However, you’re not obligated to collect everything. For example, if you receive a free sample offer for dishwashing detergent but don’t have a dishwasher, you can uncheck it and won’t receive it in your order.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Sampler Box?

The standard turnaround time for receiving your Sampler box of free samples is 2-4 weeks. You can review your order status anytime by logging into your account and clicking Orders.

Can You Return Sampler Items?

Sampler users cannot return items. You’re encouraged to select only the samples you want or might like.

Is Sampler Legit?

Sampler is a legit service designed to benefit consumers and businesses.

Users can try products without paying, and brands get to introduce their products to fresh audiences. The site doesn’t charge its users to encourage more sign-ups and freebies for small businesses.

Users don’t have to share credit card information when creating an account on the website; only their name, email address, and mailing address to receive their samples.

  • Extended history: Sampler has connected companies and consumers for over 7 years. The service sent millions of samples to happy consumers worldwide during that time.
  • Major brand support: Household brand names have partnered with Sampler, including Reese’s, Annie’s, Dove, Kiehl’s, NYX, La Roche-Posay, AirWick, and Nutella.
  • Award-winning: Sampler is listed as one of The Globe and Mail’s Canada’s Top Growing Companies in 2022.
  • Transparency: Investors like Founders Factory, The 51, and StandUp Ventures are proudly listed as partners on the website.

Is Sampler Reliable?

This service is a reliable way to receive new products and samples in the mail. You just select the samples you want, then let Sampler take care of the rest.

The shipping times are consistent, and you’ll receive regular emails inviting you to try a rotating selection of samples.

Brand partners regularly join the site, so there’s always a new sample to try, which keeps users requesting food and other products for their next order.

Is Sampler Safe?

Sampler is a safe site to use. The website protects your personal data through private security measures and an encryption system.

You can choose not to answer specific questions about the products you received in the mail by selecting “prefer not to answer.” However, Sampler states that not answering questions about your preferences can impact the free sample opportunities you receive in the future.

The website has a robust privacy policy detailing the information collected through your account and cookies. If you delete your account, Sampler doesn’t store it.

What Are Users Saying About Sampler?

Users have plenty to say about Sampler. We collected reviews from Trustpilot and TrustRadius to present the consensus on this service.

Let’s check out what Trustpilot and TrustRadius users have to say about Sampler.

What Trustpilot Users Liked About Sampler

sampler reviews on trustpilot

Many Trustpilot users left glowing reviews about their free sample boxes, with responses from Sampler commenting on each positive experience.

Here are a few characteristics of this service customers enjoyed the most:

  • Provides what they need: The freedom to tailor one’s box of free samples to their needs and interests frequently came up as a reason to use the service. Reviews mentioned receiving items they want and use regularly.
  • User-friendly website: Users lauded Sampler’s website for its easy-to-use interface. A top review on Trustpilot commented on how simple it is to claim samples thanks to the website design.
  • Diverse selection: Reviewers approved the selection of samples to select from, calling it diverse. One review mentioned their package contained hair oil, sanitary pads, and pasta.
  • Opportunity to try new products: Anyone can appreciate feeling like an insider by accessing recently debuted products. Users reported enjoying the opportunity to sample new goods through their orders.

What TrustRadius Users Liked About Sampler

sampler reviews on trustradius

Reviewers had as much good to say on TrustRadius. The detailed reviews pore over every aspect of Sampler’s service, deriving these insights.

  • Helpful for the office: Sampler is primarily used by households but also has office applications. One review mentioned having packages shipped to their office to store goods in bulk.
  • Fast delivery: Reviews applauded Sampler’s delivery times, with one calling them “blazingly fast.” Users agree you don’t have to wait long to unbox your goods.
  • Beneficial for future purchasing decisions: A TrustRadius review stated that Sampler’s service is handy when you’re stuck between two products or interested in trying a new product risk-free. Access to a sample can help businesses and households make smarter buying choices.

Why Are People Worried About Using Sampler?

Not everyone shares the same positive sentiment about Sampler. Negative reviews about the website on Trustpilot and TrustRadius show a different side of this service.

Let’s take a look.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Worried About

The perception of Sampler on Trustpilot is overall positive, but several reviewers complained about what they received in their packages if anything at all.

  • Bias: One review discussed Sampler’s bias toward younger influencers with a large social media reach who are more likely to help a brand by discussing its product. The reviewer believes these people receive higher-quality items with a more varied selection.
  • Tampered products: Another Trustpilot review mentioned receiving products that looked tampered with. Their order contained food, so the reviewer was rightfully concerned about consuming the products.
  • Missing items: The same review stated that some of the requested samples in their order did not arrive. Sampler responded to this review and offered to look into their order and rectify the situation.
  • No items: Another complaint some users had about the service was receiving offers for samples seldom or not at all. One user said they used the service for six months without any offers.

What TrustRadius Reviewers Worried About

Echoing the experience on Trustpilot, Sampler’s TrustRadius reviews are largely positive. However, users had valid complaints and recommendations for improvement.

  • Damaged packages: One user reported receiving distorted packaging. While this issue isn’t totally in Sampler’s control, damaged packages can degrade customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Limited options: Between limited questionnaire types and popular items vanishing quickly, TrustRadius users reported a lack of sample options.
  • Slow emails: Several negative reviews brought up Sampler’s slow rate of emails, which impact sampling selection abilities and item tracking.

Sampler Quality & Guarantees

Sampler promises quality service by working with name-brand businesses but has no guarantees on its website. Users cannot cancel an order.

The sampling service has a policy describing its data collection measures.

By creating an account, a user consents to allowing Sampler to collect a their name, email address, mailing address, age, gender, location, Facebook name/ID and number of Facebook friends through Facebook Connect, and social media ID and profile photos for other platforms.

Sampler also saves your product interests, communication methods, information downloads, survey replies, and cookies.

However, the service does not sell or provide your personal information to third parties, only your anonymous data.

Does Sampler Offer Customer Service?

Sampler provides customer service on its site, although no review mentions it.

The website doesn’t have a contact page, chatbot, or phone number but does offer a few online measures for reaching out about order status or sample availability.

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

Here are all your contact options for Sampler’s customer support.

  • Sampling expert consultation: You can schedule a 15-minute call with a sampling expert. However, this discovery session is intended for companies interested in using the service instead of customers.
  • Help pages: Sampler compiled a knowledge base on its website with FAQs and help pages so users can find the information they seek without contacting customer support.
  • Social media direct messages/comments: You can also find Sampler on Twitter and LinkedIn, using those platforms to message the company or comment on a post to receive assistance.

Conclusion: Is Sampler Legit?

Based on everything we found in our research, Sampler is a legit free-sample service that puts popular goods in your hands without product or shipping fees.

According to Sampler reviews, most users receive their items quickly (usually within 2 weeks) and are pleased with the quality of the goods. They continue to use the service to try other products, from tea to skincare.

The experience of using this service varies. Some users noted a bias toward what Sampler sends, and while not a scam, reported feeling disappointed in this service. The website doesn’t always have samples, affecting some users’ perceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have a few questions about Sampler before you try it? Read this helpful FAQ section.

Do You Have to Pay for Sampler?

Sampler’s registration is free, and you aren’t charged for the contents of your orders, even if you receive boxes regularly.

How Does Sampler Make Money?

Brands that work with Sampler pay to have their products listed. Between those costs and the shipping, Sampler makes money without charging its users.

Do You Have to Review Anything to Use Sampler?

Sampler does not require reviews to use the service but encourages them. Your review can help the service better match other users to products on the website. However, you will still receive offers for new samples without leaving a review.

How Do You Delete Your Account?

Deleting your Sampler account is simple. Log into the website and click your Profile page. Next, choose Delete My Account. If you want to use Sampler in the future, you must create a new account.

Can I Disable Sampler’s Cookies?

You can disable Sampler’s cookies within your internet browser. However, the website browsing quality might decrease.

The cookies collected on the website track your referral site (as applicable), browser, operating system, and IP address and are designed to enhance the website experience. Sampler recommends using cookies.

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Wrapping Up

Sampler is a legit way to try new and coveted brands without prior purchase. The easy-to-use website, transparent data policy, and positive company reputation make it a favorite among many.

What did you think of this Sampler review? Will you try the popular product sampling website?

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. Also, be sure to share this guide with others who might be interested in using Sampler.

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