Is Recruit And Field Legit? Pros, Cons & User Reviews

Is Recruit and Field legit for earning extra money? Find out more about the site and how to get paid cash for your online and in-person participation.

Key Takeaways

  • Recruit and Field offers paid focus groups and surveys for extra income.
  • Participants get paid via PayPal within four to six weeks.
  • Available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand only.
  • Users appreciate quick payments and clear communication from recruiters.

Are you looking to add some extra money to add your income?

Or maybe you’ve heard about these websites that pay you to complete surveys but aren’t sure how it works or which ones to trust?

The digital age has opened many opportunities to make extra cash online, but knowing which websites are safe to use is essential.

Some websites steal your information or don’t actually pay you for your work.

The gig economy has a wide variety of digital jobs. From completing small tasks similar to Field Agent to participating in focus groups online like Recruit and Field, there should be something that you enjoy doing.

You must be here because you’re looking at focus groups that pay and wondering: is Recruit and Field legit?

Let’s dive into that. It’s a great company, but you should know some critical things before signing up.

What is Recruit and Field?

Recruit and Field is a US market research company that pays users to participate in a range of market research opportunities for the companies that hire them.

These research activities include in-person focus groups, online focus groups, phone interviews, surveys, and even at-home product testing.

You’ll be asked for your opinion on many things, from TV shows to food and beverage products.

They work with some of the largest companies as their clients, such as Google, Apple, Uber, Netflix, and Spotify.

These companies want to improve their product, so they’re testing the most appropriate consumers to learn from, which might be you.

How Does Recruit and Field Work?

To start, you sign up on the Recruit and Field website to be one of their “participants”.

From here, they will ask you some general questions about where you live, your income level, your job, and a few other things.

As clients start new projects with them, they scan the list of participants that signed up and email the ones that qualify for that research.

If you’re a good fit, you receive invitations by email to continue.

From that email, they will likely ask more qualifying questions.

If you’re accepted, you will get the details revealed of what they would like you to do and any other relevant information.

You work directly with the recruiter from Recruit and Field throughout the study, and they help you with any questions before, during, or after.

Once the task is completed, whether it’s a survey or video focus group, you will be paid within four to six weeks.

Common Questions to Understand

This type of work sounds simple and easy, but you must know these key things before signing their registration form.

Can I See a List of the Available Studies They Have to Offer?

Recruit and Field only communicate through email, there’s no portal or listing site like some other websites. Their list of projects is mostly private to protect the businesses they work with.

One of the other ways to see some of the options is to check their social media pages.

While they do not post all of their projects there, they do sometimes post what they’re looking for in a specific project. This may help give you a better idea of study options.

When you sign up, they list the possible types of research that you could partake in. They range from simple surveys to more complicated activities like shop-along interviews.

They will have you check off which of these you’re interested in doing:

  • In-person (face to face interviews)
  • Phone interviews
  • Shopping interviews
  • Traditional focus groups
  • Online focus groups
  • Webcam interviews

What Do I Need to Get Started?

You must be 18 and residing in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand to participate in their market research.

The registration for US users is separate from the other four countries, so take note when you sign up that you’re using the correct sheet.

Many of the research studies require video calling, so it’s important to have a laptop or phone with a reliable internet connection.

Having a quiet and private space to engage in conversations is necessary as well.

How Much Money Can I Make and How Do They Pay?

The pay ranges are based on the activity you do. They offer small $5 to $10 surveys or $100 to $300 video focus groups. They pay immediately after completion on your PayPal account.

It’s not guaranteed that you will get the larger payouts, so you can’t expect that when signing up. Opportunities for medical professionals have higher pay, so it’s worth looking into if you’re in the medical field.

Is Recruit and Field Legit?

Recruit and Field appears to be a legit platform that you can feel safe using.

  • Quick pay: They promise to pay within four to six weeks but have a reputation for paying quicker.
  • Continuous opportunities: They’re a large company with many clients and opportunities. There is no shortage of jobs with these guys.
  • Cash payouts: Many similar companies have you redeem points for e-gift cards or require a payout threshold. Recruit and Field pay cash straight to your PayPal.
  • Trusted since 1977: They’re a well-established and well-respected company within the industry with plenty of big clients, so you can trust that they want to maintain that reputation by providing a good service.

Is Recruit and Field Reliable?

Based on our analysis of user reviews, Recruit and Field is a reliable company to work with.

Their extensive list of recognizable businesses they work with and fifty years of experience proves that they’re leaders in market research. Many reviews support that they’re quick and reliable in processing payments.

Is Recruit and Field Safe?

Again, based on our research, Recruit and Field is safe to use.

They’re well-established in the market research industry, so you can trust them to keep your information private and pay you when you complete your tasks.

The communication from their recruiters is highly regarded as clear and easy, helping you to feel safe throughout the entire process.

Recruit and Field do ask for personal information about income, career, location status, medical records, and more. They state that this information is protected and, therefore, safe.

It’s good always to be cautious when sharing personal information. It’s not advised to share sensitive information with organizations that do not provide extensive information about the safety standards they have set in place.

You should proceed with some caution if they ask for anything of this nature.

What Are Users Saying About Recruit and Field?

The most common place to find reviews for Recruit and Field is their Facebook page.

It’s highly likely they request their participants to review them there, as it seems to be the only place to find extensive reviews.

What Facebook Reviewers Liked About Recruit and Field

Facebook reviews of Recruit and Field are littered with unrelated scams taking up space, so it’s difficult to see how many of their 1,000 reviews are legitimate.

It’s easy to spot the real ones, though, and these are some highlights.

  • Quick payment: Most people on their Facebook page endorsed faster payment than the 4 to 6 weeks that the company promises.
  • Informative recruiters: The recruiters you work with throughout the studies are known to be informative and strong communicators.
  • Fun and impactful: Many people say they enjoy the work and feel like they’re having an impact on the businesses they’re working with.

What YouTube Reviewers Liked About Recruit and Field

Many YouTubers make videos to explain their experiences with these types of companies. The overall feedback from the video creators is positive.

  • Easy sign-up: It’s quick to fill out the form on the website and start getting information for studies.
  • Good pay: The focus groups and larger pay opportunities are great pay per hour compared to similar companies.
  • Don’t waste time: Since they pre-screen with your initial questionnaire, you will avoid filling out repetitive screening forms to see if you qualify for studies. They only reach out for ones you will likely qualify for.

Why are People Worried About Using Recruit and Field?

The overall feedback for Recruit and Field is generally positive, but they have had some complaints across different websites.

They’re responsive on the websites that allow a business account to respond, such as the government’s Better Business Bureau site and their social media pages.

The most common complaint that they respond to is about payment. People have had some trouble with payment going through, but the general consensus is that the pay tends to be quick.

What YouTube Reviewers Worried About

Different YouTubers made videos about their experiences with Recruit and Field, and the comments on the videos were indicative of other people’s experiences with them.

  • Not getting paid: A few people on YouTube comments complain they did not get paid for their time and couldn’t get a hold of customer support.
  • Only in some countries: Recruit and Field are only in select countries: the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada. It’s essential to be honest when filling out your initial form and update your profile as necessary.
  • Intrusive questions: There are complaints that the scanning questions are intrusive and people feel uncomfortable. Things such as your spouse’s job or medical history may be requested.

What Better Business Bureau Reviewers Worried About

Better Business Bureau is a place for customers to complain about businesses that are acting unethically or poorly.

There are a few complaints that were common on this government site, but Recruit and Field responded to each with confirmed solutions.

  • Canceled studies: A few people complained that studies were canceled last minute, which disrupted their plans and impacted their financial situation. Recruit and Field responded promptly to these, though.
  • Only PayPal payment: There are concerns that you cannot be paid unless you use PayPal. In one review, someone does claim they got paid another way, so it appears that it is possible, but PayPal is best to use.
  • Slow pay: There are complaints about the pay being too slow, but Recruit and Field responded with promises of pay to be sent within 4 to 6 weeks.

Recruit and Field Quality & Guarantees

The Recruit and Field website provides little information on quality and guarantees for their participants. The website primarily focuses on customer acquisition for the businesses they work.

When you are recruited for a study, they will likely have you sign paperwork about non-disclosure. This is to prevent information about new products from spreading to competitors.

Other paperwork may include statements on quality or guarantees. This is something that should be discussed with the recruiters that contact you.

Does Recruit and Field Offer Customer Service?

Recruit and Field have a generally good reputation for customer service.

With extensive reviews on Facebook complementing their recruiters, it’s a good sign that you’ll work with kind people throughout the process.

There are a few complaints scattered across different websites that complain of poor communication, but the number of reviews that are positive outweighs those that are negative.

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

Their website is primarily directed to the businesses that they work with rather than to their participants, but there’s a page to contact them about any questions. You can find that here.

There’s no FAQ page for those interested in learning more about their opportunities, but their Facebook and Instagram pages are quite active.

Reaching out on these pages for support would likely be a good way to inquire about the studies they post about.

If you have an issue after being recruited for a study, numerous Facebook comments and reviews compliment the recruiter’s ability to communicate through any questions.

It would help if they had more information on their website for their potential participants, but for now, your best bet is to reach out directly. You can email them at

Conclusion: Is Recruit and Field Legit?

Recruit and Field appears to be a legitimate website.

The website may lack extensive information, but they do offer countless opportunities for their participants to make money through diverse tasks.

When earning potential is as high as $70 per hour, it’s no wonder people are ready to drop their 9 to 5 jobs to pursue this full-time.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough work to make that possible.

You can’t depend on this type of work, even if you work with many other companies, to be a consistent stream of income. It’s a great secondary site to earn from, but don’t expect regular work.

Recruit and Field Alternatives: Other Options to Try

Since there’s only so much earning potential with Recruit and Field, it’s smart to sign up for other market research companies that have different studies.

If you’re looking for another legit market research site, consider and research these ones.

  • Is Apex Focus Group Legit?: Apex Focus Groups similarly matches you with paid focus groups and online surveys. They also specialize in clinical trials in certain areas.
  • Is MRI Simmons Survey Legit?: MRI Simmons is a well-respected name in market research, and they do similar market research. They’re known to pay well.
  • Is Broad Focus Clinical Legit?: This is one that’s not legitimate. Although they advertise heavily, many people complain of sketchy and scam-like activity.

Wrapping Up

Recruit and Field is a legit site and an excellent opportunity to make some extra money when the right study arises.

It’s not a good site to rely on for consistent income, but it’s a nice surprise to get an extra wad of cash when you do qualify and have the time for it.

It doesn’t hurt to sign up with this site, so you should give it a go and see if you get any emails. Who knows, you may just make a few hundred dollars over the next few months!

If this helped you to feel safer before signing up, then let us know in the comments and give it a share.

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