Is Poshmark Legit? What Online Reviews Say

Is Poshmark legit? Find out if Poshmark is a safe and reliable platform and how to earn money by selling your used designer items on their website.

Our Unbiased Thoughts

There will be a time when we change our style, and we’re left with items that no longer align with it. They can be designer clothes, beauty products, or other designer goods that we don’t see ourselves wearing anymore.

The problem occurs when these designer goods pile up on our closets. You spent good money on these luxury items, so you wouldn’t want to just throw them away.

What if there’s an online marketplace where you can sell fashion items you once loved?

If this catches your attention, it’s time you learn more about Poshmark.

But before selling online, it’s best that you learn the answer to the question, “Is Poshmark legit”? This will be the difference between earning money and being a victim of online scams.

We’ll answer this question and teach you everything you need to know before selling on Poshmark, so keep reading!

What Is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an online marketplace and app where users can buy and sell new or used clothing and accessories. It has a user-friendly platform and a large community of buyers and sellers.

They also have the Poshmark App, a mobile app that offers a convenient and secure way to engage in fashion transactions.

What’s even better is that the Poshmark website is not only focused on designer labels; a Poshmark seller could upload multiple items like household needs and pet items.

Poshmark also handles various aspects of the selling process. This includes providing you with shipping labels and protection policies.

Unlike other e-commerce websites and fashion marketplace apps, Poshmark users can engage with each other, similar to how you interact with others on Facebook and similar platforms.

You can follow users, send likes, share great deals, and comment on clothing listings.

How Does Poshmark Work?

Making money on Poshmark is straightforward. As a seller, you’ll start by creating a Poshmark account and entering your payment information. After that, you can start listing your items for sale.

But before you can make a sale, you’ll need to take high-quality photos of your Prada, YSL, or Dior items. It’s best to use a good-quality camera and find a good background to make your items more appealing.

Of course, you’ll need to add a title and description (brand, material used) and set a fair retail price for your items.

Like buyers, sellers can explore various categories and look for multiple brands. You can also search for specific items and filter results based on your preferences. This will help Poshmark show your items to sellers with the same interest.

Once a buyer purchases your item, Poshmark will send a free pre-addressed shipping label to you. Just note that Poshmark sellers are responsible for packaging the item, attaching the label, and dropping it off at the post office.

As for your earnings, Poshmark will only release payment until the buyer confirms they received the item and are happy with it.

You can choose to receive payment through a check or set up a direct deposit to your bank. Even better, you can use your earnings to make purchases within the Poshmark marketplace. This is a great way to save money when you’re looking to buy a few items for yourself.

Poshmark charges a flat fee of $2.95 for items sold under $15. If you sell something more expensive or anything above $15, they’ll get a 20% commission.

You can watch this Youtube video to have more idea of how fashion enthusiasts like you can take advantage of the Poshmark platform.

Common Questions to Understand

Do People Still Use Poshmark?

There are hundreds of online platforms out there, and it’s only natural for you to be concerned if Poshmark remains relevant.

Yes, Poshmark remains a popular and legitimate online marketplace with a dedicated community of 100 million active users.

Poshmark even continues to innovate with features like Poshmark Shows, which allow buyers to sell their used items through live streaming.

Is it Hard to Make Money on Poshmark?

Not necessarily. It’s entirely possible to make money on Poshmark with the right approach.

To increase your chances of earning, be an active participant in the Poshmark community, engage with other users by posting regularly, share listings, and leave thoughtful comments on other posts.

Providing high-quality photos and accurate descriptions of your items will definitely help you attract potential buyers.

Pricing your items competitively by researching similar products on the platform can also help you stand out. Remember, these people are mostly looking for a discounted price, after all.

You can explore our website if you want a more in-depth tutorial and more tips for using Poshmark.

How Many Followers Do I Need on Poshmark to Earn Money?

You don’t need to have a following to earn from Poshmark.

The quality of your listings, pricing, and engagement with the community will influence how likely you will sell.

That means you can actually make money on Poshmark even if you’re a new seller.

Who Pays for Shipping on Poshmark?

You may be worried about spending more money than earning because of shipping fees.

The good news for sellers is that the buyer covers the shipping costs. Poshmark offers a flat fee of $7.97 for expedited shipping on all orders.

Is Poshmark Legit?

Yes, Poshmark is a legitimate platform. Here are some key aspects that highlight the legitimacy of Poshmark:

  • Posh Community: They’re not your usual buy-and-sell app. Poshmark has a vibrant and engaged community of buyers and sellers. The Poshmark Community Toolkit provides a wealth of resources for being a successful seller. They also emphasize trust and respect in their Community Guidelines.
  • Accessibility: Poshmark is available for both iOS and Android users, offering convenient access through the app store and Google Play.
  • Years Active: Poshmark has been active since May 10, 2011. That’s more than a decade of providing a reliable platform for selling fashion items.
  • Terms of Service: Poshmark’s Terms of Service are governed by laws–providing legal protection for both buyers and sellers. This should be an important factor when you’re signing up with any platform.
  • In The News: Poshmark has been cited in many authoritative news articles. This only tells us that it is indeed a legitimate business that helped users earn real money.
  • Official Location: For many, it’s hard to trust something you only see online. The good thing is Poshmark has its headquarters located at 203 Redwood Shores Pkwy, 8th Floor, Redwood City, California.

Is Poshmark Reliable?

Poshmark ensures reliability through its Seller’s Protection Policy. It goes like this: when you sell an item on Poshmark, they provide a prepaid shipping label and offer coverage for any loss that may occur during transit.

You don’t have anything to worry about as long as USPS scans the package and you use the Poshmark-provided label.

They also protect buyers and sellers by sending the tracking information and notifying them once the package is delivered and accepted. This means you’ll have an idea of when you’ll likely receive payment.

Is Poshmark Safe?

Poshmark takes safety seriously—they implement strong safety measures in doing so. One of the prominent features is the Posh Authenticate program. It’s designed specifically for luxury items valued at $500 or more.

This program ensures that high-value purchases are thoroughly authenticated by Poshmark’s experts or trusted independent suppliers and resellers.

If an item fails to pass authentication, Poshmark promptly issues a refund, emphasizing its commitment to safety and ensuring buyers receive genuine products.

This process also protects the sellers because buyers cannot request a refund and claim that an item is not authentic.

What Are Users Saying About Poshmark?

User experience still varies for Poshmark, but there are several common themes that we’ve seen from customer reviews.

Take a look at what users have to say about their experiences with the platform.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Liked About Poshmark

Poshmark has garnered some positive feedback from Trustpilot reviewers for various reasons. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Convenience: Users appreciate the ease of use and convenience offered by Poshmark, even quoting, Listing items for sale is a fast and fuss-free experience...”
  • Secure Transactions: Nobody likes putting their personal contact information out there. Poshmark has a buyer protection policy to avoid this. It gives users peace of mind when it comes to their information.
  • Authenticity Guarantee: What can be scary about online shopping is that you can easily receive counterfeit goods when you’ve paid for a real one. Poshmark’s authentication service is highly regarded by users, especially for higher-priced items.

What Sitejabber Users Liked About Poshmark

Sitejabber users have also highlighted several positive aspects of Poshmark. Here are some key points:

  • Supportive Customer Service: Poshmark’s customer service team has received some thumbs up for their prompt and helpful assistance.
  • Community and Seller Support: Poshmark’s sense of community sets it apart from other online marketplaces. Sellers appreciate the support they receive from Poshmark and the sense of belonging among users.

Why Are People Worried About Using Poshmark?

Here are a few negative Poshmark reviews you should be aware of.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Are Worried About

  • Return and Refund Issues: Dissatisfied users have encountered difficulties returning items that were either defective or different from what was described. In some cases, Poshmark even suggested reselling the problematic items. Of course, this only caused further frustration.
  • Inadequate Customer Service: Unfortunately, not everyone had a positive experience with Poshmark’s customer support. It’s been criticized by other users for its lack of responsiveness and repetitive canned responses.

What Sitejabber Reviewers Are Worried About

  • Excessive Emails: Many users have complained about Poshmark bombarding their inboxes with an overwhelming number of emails. The persistent spamming has irritated users to the point that they want to unsubscribe.
  • High Shipping and Fees: Some users find Poshmark’s shipping costs to be expensive. They said that it often makes the overall cost of items comparable to buying new items.
  • Biased Seller Rating System: A user also complained that negative reviews are not publicly displayed on sellers’ profiles, creating a one-sided perspective that showcases only positive feedback.

Poshmark Quality & Guarantees

Interested in what guarantees you’ll have as a Poshmark seller? You’ll be glad to know that Poshmark does not accept returns for items due to fit or change of mind.

Posh Protect covers transactions conducted exclusively on the platform. This further protects sellers from potential risks associated with off-platform trades.

In cases where a buyer opens a return case, Poshmark carefully reviews all supporting documentation provided by the buyer, including photos, listing details, and communication.

Sellers can report any issues with returned items, ensuring a fair resolution process that supports seller satisfaction.

As a tip, remember to only transact with buyers on the platform to avoid Poshmark scams.

Does Poshmark Offer Customer Service?

Yes, Poshmark provides customer service to both buyers and sellers.

If you need assistance, you can contact customer service through the options available on their website.

While there is no direct phone number, Poshmark’s customer support channels are designed to assist users in selling and shopping online safely and resolving any problems they encounter.

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

The Poshmark customer service options primarily revolve around its online platform.

They offer a comprehensive Support Center where you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about selling on Poshmark–their payment system, common scams, buyer protection policies, and more.

Conclusion: Is Poshmark Legit?

While it has received both positive and negative reviews, Poshmark still appears to be a legit business.

It has a wide user base, which means you can market your items to millions of people online. It’s also worth noting that the buyer protection policy and Poshmark’s payment system help protect sellers from potential scams.

However, like with any online platform, you should still exercise caution and be aware of common scams, such as buyers declaring fake items or empty box deliveries.

To sell safely on Poshmark, ensure you accurately describe your items and negotiate prices using the platform’s features.

Always be transparent and prepared to answer buyer questions like “Is this a real Gucci bag?” or “How many years did you use this?”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Poshmark Refund Me?

If you encounter a fraudulent buyer, you can file a complaint with their customer service and possibly get a full refund. It’s crucial to document the situation with detailed item photos.

Buyers, on the other hand, enjoy buyer protection with every purchase made on the Poshmark app.

Is Poshmark Under Investigation?

Yes, Poshmark is currently under investigation by law firms Weiss Law and Ademi LLP. However, this investigation does not directly impact sellers or the company’s day-to-day operations.

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Wrapping Up

In the end, we can confidently say that Poshmark is legit. You may want to consider them when looking to sell at multiple marketplaces.

If you decide to sign up with Poshmark, we hope that you take enough security measures to ensure that the items you once cared for will end up with buyers who will take care of them as much as you did.

Only transact with potential buyers on the platform and document everything about your item before shipping it.

Always be careful and do your best when negotiating prices to make this as lucrative as possible. If you have any questions and want to know if other companies are legit, don’t hesitate to comment below!

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