Is Opinion Champ Legit? Pros, Cons, & Unbiased Thoughts

Is Opinion Champ legit? You might have heard about this emerging survey site, but let's explore its reliability and its pros and cons in this article.

Our Unbiased Thoughts

Are you interested in making extra cash answering surveys but asking, “Is Opinion Champ legit?” You’re not the only one!

Many prospective users have questions about the popular service. Today, we’ll be demystifying Opinion Champ and discussing its legitimacy.

This in-depth Opinion Champ review will explain the service, how it works, how to use it, and its safety and reliability.

We’ll also share insights from real users about its ease of use and payouts so you can confidently decide whether to try Opinion Champ.

What Is Opinion Champ?

Opinion Champ is an all-in-one market research platform where customers participate in paid product reviews, focus groups, and surveys to earn cash.

It’s free to sign up, and you can take surveys or review products from anywhere in the United States or Canada. Simply put, Opinion Champ pays to take surveys.

Quest Mindshare (Quest Global Research Group) owns the survey site.

Quest also specializes in technology, programming/hosting, project management, and panels, the latter of which Opinion Champ fits.

Opinion Champ uses a point system to provide monetary rewards. Earning 1,000 points is the equivalent of $1, and you must have 1,600 points before you can cash out.

How Does Opinion Champ Work?

You must register to use Opinion Champ; then, you can begin taking surveys you’re qualified for. Registration requires only an email address and password.

You’ll soon receive an email confirmation that you’re officially a member of Opinion Champ. You can now log into your Opinion Champ account.

Next, you must complete your profile, sharing information about your background, education, occupation, gender, age, and brand preferences.

This information tells the survey service what kinds of products you’re interested in reviewing and the surveys you’re qualified to partake in.

After completing your profile, you’ll begin getting matched to surveys that pay cash instantly.

You can see available surveys on your dashboard, including pertinent details like how long the survey takes and how many points you receive.

The average time to take a survey is 10 minutes, and a standard survey issues 2,000 to 3,000 points.

Shorter surveys take even less time but reward fewer points, typically 1,000 or under.

You can also join product review groups and focus groups. Opinion Champ will mail you products to test so you can share your opinion.

However, these services are a smaller part of what’s offered, with fewer opportunities.

Common Questions to Understand

Those are the basics of how Opinion Champ works, but you might still have questions, as do most prospective users of this service.

The following information will help you form your opinion of the survey site.

Does Opinion Champ Pay?

Yes, Opinion Champ will pay you to answer surveys. You must meet the minimum payout threshold to receive your money.

After cashing out, you can receive repeat payments from the site or the Opinion Champ mobile app by continuing to answer surveys.

How Much Do You Make on Opinion Champ?

You can earn as much money using Opinion Champ as the site has surveys available. The rate of surveys you’ll receive through email depends on the information in your profile.

The brands and companies that request surveys through Opinion Champ have a target demographic in mind, which you might not always meet.

You will earn a couple of dollars to answer surveys, with longer surveys requiring 20 minutes, paying 5,000 points or $5.

You can earn more money by joining focus groups and reviewing products, but with sporadic offers available, surveys are the more reliable option.

How Do I Close My Opinion Champ Account?

If you change your mind after a negative Opinion Champ review or a poor experience, you can email the survey site support address and request they close your account.

You can also stop using Opinion Champ and unsubscribe from its emails.

Can You Make a Lot of Money With Surveys?

You won’t make enough money through Opinion Champ for a full-time or part-time living. Instead, the survey site is to express your opinion and make some side cash.

Other survey sites follow a similar payment structure, so it’s no different if you switch.

Is Opinion Champ Legit?

Opinion Champ is a legit service that rewards participation in surveys and focus groups.

The survey site pays using a trusted resource (PayPal) and allows you to track your points to determine when you’re close to being able to cash out.

You can also engage with other users when participating in an Opinion Champ panel, sometimes interacting through video.

  • Industry expertise: Opinion Champ is owned by Quest Global Research Group, a company specializing in panels (one of the site’s services).
  • Transparency: Opinion Champ provides all the information a user must know before participating in music surveys or other quizzes. They can budget their time and plan for a specific number of points to get them closer to their next monetary goal.
  • Privacy protection: When you answer surveys on Opinion Champ, the site doesn’t share your personal information with companies or brands. The survey partner only receives your thoughts and opinions.
  • Personalization: Opinion Champ uses your preferences to fine-tune the survey opportunities you receive, not sell the data to third parties. Using the service more frequently to answer surveys will lead to tailored recommendations, so you’re only answering surveys about topics you’re interested in or knowledgeable of.

Is Opinion Champ Reliable?

Opinion Champ is a reliable service that consistently contacts eligible members when a survey or review opportunity arises and pays cash instantly.

You can choose the type of reward depending on whether you’re interested in cash or gift cards.

You can always track your rewards within the Opinion Champ mobile app or desktop. It can take up to three business days for your points to update.

Surveys sometimes require screening and security, and how long it takes the survey partner to close the site also impacts point updates.

Is Opinion Champ Safe?

Opinion Champ is a safe service to use.

Quest Mindshare will receive traffic data (which it says remains anonymous), IP address data, and domain name information but does not use it to identify service users.

You can enable or disable cookies when browsing the desktop version of Opinion Champ.

The cookies do not contain a user’s personal information, and Quest Mindshare recommends approving cookies. This will improve your user experience.

What Are Users Saying About Opinion Champ?

Users can’t stop talking about Opinion Champ. We looked at SurveyPolice and Trustpilot to share insights based on Opinion Champ reviews.

What SurveyPolice Users Liked About Opinion Champ

The most glowing Opinion Champ review on SurveyPolice called it a “great application” and “one of the most interesting” they’ve tried.

Here are a few noteworthy talking points based on positive reviews about the survey site.

  • Simple to use: Reviewers lauded Opinion Champ for how easy it is to use the site after registering. All pertinent information is on your dashboard; you can always find relevant surveys.
  • Good concept: The concept of a survey website isn’t anything new, but users think Opinion Champ goes above and beyond, executing the concept especially well.
  • Private and secure: User security and privacy are paramount concerns. Unsurprisingly, reviewers mentioned this as one of the top qualities of the survey site.
  • Fair payouts: The amount paid per survey earned acclaim, as users don’t get peanuts to complete surveys. Many feel like they’re fairly compensated.

What Trustpilot Users Liked About Opinion Champ

Positive Opinion Champ reviews on Trustpilot describe using the service seamlessly and receiving prompt payments for their time.

  • Easy to use: Trustpilot users approved of the Opinion Champ platform and its design simplicity when taking surveys.
  • Return to surveys later: One Opinion Champ review mentioned taking several breaks while completing their survey but that it was simple to resume when they had more time.
  • Prompt payments: Opinion Champ earned praise for paying users within about a week after taking a survey.

Why Are People Worried About Opinion Champ?

Opinion Champ has garnered its fair share of positive reviews, but many users have condemned the service.

Here are issues that Trustpilot and social media reviewers have reported.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Worried About

Trustpilot users spoke in droves about Opinion Champ, giving the site one-star reviews.

One reviewer tried the service for a month, faithfully completing surveys. However, they never received payment and failed to get a reply from customer service.

  • Late payments: Many reviews of this website mentioned not receiving payment promptly.
  • Non-payment: Other users have reviewed Opinion Champ to warn prospective signups about non-payment risk. One of the most recurring complaints was doing surveys and earning money but not getting paid.
  • Poor customer service: When contacting customer support to get answers about payment delays, reviewers have mentioned getting no response or having their accounts deleted without warning.

What Social Media Users Worried About

Opinion Champ didn’t generate better marks on social media platforms like Facebook.

All the reviewers don’t recommend the service, rating it one of five stars. The Opinion Champ reviews here echoed the sentiments found on Trustpilot.

  • Claims of fraudulent activity: One reviewer mentioned earning a significant number of points, 19,000. However, the points were pending because they said Opinion Champ accused them of fraudulent activity on their account. They claimed they had none.
  • Payment issues: Users mentioned receiving payment in the past, although not without a hassle, requiring contacting customer service.
  • Potential scam: Social media users have repeated that Opinion Champ is a scam, sometimes commenting on other reviews and using this to explain non-payments.

Opinion Champ Quality & Guarantees

Opinion Champ has no guarantees on its website, including earning or fraud guarantees.

The service mentions how it uses survey feedback, stating that third-party and internal partners gather the data and use it to improve the service or product that was the subject of the survey.

The policy elaborates that your personal data stays secure and that you must consent for Opinion Champ to send this data to its partners.

The service also has a policy for California residents, who can request that Opinion Champ not sell their personal information to third parties according to the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.

Does Opinion Champ Offer Customer Service?

Opinion Champ provides customer service, although not the most satisfactorily based on most reviews.

The service doesn’t have an available phone number, leaving customers with online avenues for answering their questions about pending payments and survey statuses.

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

Here is a complete list of the ways you can contact Opinion Champ.

  • Support email: Opinion Champ has a support email primarily used for fielding users who wish to leave the service. However, users can likely use this email address for all support matters.
  • Online contact form: The online contact form on its website gives you another option for emailing Opinion Champ. You must include your name, email address, subject line, and a message.
  • Business address: Quest Global Research Group shares its business address on the Opinion Champ website, allowing you to send snail mail.
  • Social media: You can also try a faster, more modern avenue, such as social media. The survey site has Twitter and Facebook accounts and seems most active on Facebook.

Conclusion: Is Opinion Champ Legit?

Opinion Champ is a legit survey site, but the user experience varies. Most people sign up for the site for cash bonuses instead of gift cards.

According to Opinion Champ reviews, delays and fraud claims slowed down receiving payment for some users. Others never saw their payments, and some got paid without issues.

Quest Global Research Group is an authentic company specializing in other panel services beyond Opinion Champ, further legitimizing the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Opinion Champ Pay You?

Opinion Champ issues payments through PayPal or gift cards through Tango. You must have an active, valid PayPal account to receive your money. You can request your cashout at 1,600 points or wait until you’ve accumulated more.

How Come I Received Less Money on PayPal Than What Opinion Champ Paid Me?

According to PayPal, it will charge 2.9% on any transaction. If you cashed out after earning $12.50, you’ll receive closer to $10 after PayPal takes its cut. You can change your Opinion Champ award preferences to gift cards anytime in your account dashboard.

Should I Trust Paid Surveys?

Paid survey sites are prevalent and can be useful for making spare change. Finding legit highest-paying survey sites requires doing your due diligence. Pore over the company’s privacy and fraud policies. Read reviews for firsthand experiences about payment promptness and ease of use.

What Kinds of Surveys Can I Take on Opinion Champ?

You can take many types of paid surveys based on what’s available. Your options include music surveys, product feedback surveys, and quizzes on your preferences, like favorite television shows or movies. Check your email for survey invitations so you don’t miss out.

Similar Gigs to Check Out

Here are three options you should consider as Opinion Champ alternatives:

  • Is Drumo Legit: Drumo pays you for completing surveys. It issues payments via gift card or PayPal. Drumo has an app, or you can log into your account on a computer, laptop, or smartphone.
  • Is InboxDollars Legit: InboxDollars was founded in 2000, so it’s one of the oldest and most popular survey sites. You can also get paid for playing games and shopping.
  • Is Apex Focus Group Legit: Apex Focus Group can connect you to paid clinical trials and focus groups, with 1,000 of the latter across many markets.

Wrapping Up

Opinion Champ is a legit way to get paid for sharing your thoughts and opinions.

This guide was important to present a fair picture of the service, including the pros and cons of Opinion Champ.

What did you think of this Opinion Champ review? Will you use this survey site?

Leave your comments in the comments section below, and make sure to share this post if you enjoyed it.

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