Is Tech Research Studies Legit? Pros, Cons & User Reviews

Is Tech Research Studies legit? Here is the verdict on whether the technology survey website is indeed reliable or if you're better off avoiding it.

Our Unbiased Thoughts

Tech Research Studies allows people to test new technology and get paid for their participation.

Submitting your opinions on new products and getting paid for it sounds like a deal that is too good to be true.

And naturally, you might think that a site like Tech Research Studies could be a scam. And you’re not the only one.

A lot of users are duped into participating in studies – only to never see any money from their participation.

This blog post will delve into the question – is Tech Research Studies legit? Or is it better avoided?

What Is Tech Research Studies?

Let’s start by introducing Tech Research Studies and what they actually do.

Per their official website, they seek to help people get involved in paid focus groups to try out new products and technology introduced by companies – often before it is officially released.

By seeking the opinions of participants, they help partner companies develop their products further or improve an already existing service.

The work carried out by them can be considered market research to understand how potential new offerings will be received by users.

New products such as mobile phones, AR and VR tech, as well as wearables, are part of the products that can be reviewed as part of the focus groups.

How Does Tech Research Studies Work?

Before getting started with the survey, interested candidates will have to register on the official website and apply for the survey that they want to attend.

The candidates need to be present on site to participate, which is why it is important that they choose from the available studies that are being conducted in their city.

Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by their staff to determine the candidate’s eligibility. If selected, they will be directed towards booking an appointment or slot as per the process of the study.

Different studies require different criteria for potential candidates, which means that people might not be called even after applying.

All their studies are blind tests, which means the details will all be revealed once the candidate is present on site.

If chosen, candidates might be required to sign an NDA to maintain the confidentiality of the study that they are participating in. This is not the case for all surveys, and it varies heavily based on the kind of research studies being carried out.

Once participation has been confirmed, a candidate may attend a one-off session or may be called back for multiple ones.

The payment is made on a per-session basis, and the rate offered varies based on a number of factors.

Common Questions to Understand

Surveys conducted online requiring people to download apps and put up fake reviews have strong reasons to be considered scams.

But, since Tech Research Studies requires in-person participation, where does it stand in terms of credibility?

Here are some common questions that one might have about the company.

How Much Can You Earn Through Tech Research Studies?

The potential for earning depends on the region that the study is being conducted in and the nature of the survey.

The total amount offered per session can range from $60 to $120 or their equivalents in regional currencies.

The candidates are paid on a per-session basis, which means that multiple sessions will allow them to get paid more. But it depends on whether multiple meetings are required for the research.

Are Most Tech Research Studies Surveys Related to Technology?

Yes, most of the surveys and market research carried out are technical in nature, as participants of the paid focus groups will have to offer an in-depth review for the parent companies to improve their products.

For this reason, the applications are vetted quite strictly so that the review is detailed and has valuable information to take away.

However, the interests of the participants of the focus groups are also taken into account alongside a variety of other factors, which are all dependent on the nature of the survey.

How Much Time Does it Take to Get Paid?

The payments are made only after the candidate has attended the session and participated in the survey.

According to the official website’s FAQ section, it takes anywhere between 7-21 days to get paid.

The FAQ section also mentions that the payment may arrive in the form of gift cards via email and depends on the region that the study is being carried out in.

Is Tech Research Studies Legit?

The surveys carried out by Tech Research Studies are often carried out for third party companies with respect to their new products or even existing ones.

As per multiple sources, the site is reliable and is not fraudulent. This is backed up by various forms of evidence.

1. Social Media Presence

The Tech Research Studies Facebook Page is rated an impressive 4.9 stars out of 5 after 895 reviews.

They post quite actively on their Facebook and their Instagram pages and have fairly positive comments on their posts from 7.7 thousand followers, suggesting a good rep among the people that participate.

People also share their positive experiences in the form of comments on posts, almost confirming their reliability firsthand.

2. Payment

People that participate in the survey are paid shortly after they attend the sessions. Participants who attend the sessions are all paid in their local currencies based on the country that the study is being carried out in.

The company also provides their contact information if the candidates do not receive their compensation via email.

3. Vetting Process

The application process to join the available studies is extremely thorough and requires people to identify themselves fully.

They will also ask for a form of ID to verify the identities of the people at the site and acquire detailed information about interested people before calling them to a research site.

4. Regions

There is no set region that operates as the research site. Market research is carried out in various countries, and people in the respective cities are invited based on a thorough vetting process.

Is Tech Research Studies Reliable?

Based on our research, it appears that Tech Research Studies can be considered reliable.

Most people that participate in the studies report being paid only days after they attended the site in person. This is backed up by reviews on their official site, even though they cannot always be considered reliable.

Receiving positive feedback on their social media pages, where people are free to point out any shortcomings, also confirms that they can be considered reliable. Their staff is considered friendly and helpful by most people that attend the site.

Their thorough vetting process in choosing their candidates and partnership with major technology companies such as Tech Mahindra further reinforces their reliability.

Is Tech Research Studies Safe?

After a thorough analysis of their website and their presence on several social media outlets, we believe Tech Research Studies to be considered safe for users.

Sites like Scamadviser have approved of the reliability of the website and have given it a good trust score.

While the website is quite dated, it does have a valid SSL certificate. It does not appear to host any malware or phishing content and is safe to use.

Better Business Bureau offers it an A- rating, albeit not accrediting Tech Research Studies. The number of complaints on their website is almost nil, showing that there is nothing to worry about.  

What Are Users Saying About Tech Research Studies?

The rates offered for every visit are fairly reasonable and are credited to participants promptly after their attendance at a research site, per the people who have already participated in their research.

Their social media presence is fairly positive, and people have praised the friendly and helpful nature of their staff upon attending the study sites.

Tech Research Studies Quality & Guarantees

The company’s website states on its privacy policy page that it won’t use the information collected for any reason apart from what it was originally acquired for.

They also ascertain that the people who are a part of the focus groups can expect to be paid within three weeks at most. If not, they can freely contact the company to find out the status of their compensation.

The compensation offered per session is reasonable and offered through reliable payment methods.

They also have a rigid and detailed screening process for picking the candidates that will be a part of their focus groups.

By ensuring that the opportunity is not open to everyone and the protocol observed by the team even on-site, they maintain fairly high-quality standards in spite of location.

Tech Research Studies Customer Service

Tech Research Studies offers a contact form on their site for contacting their customer service team. They also provide an email address for candidates to reach out to in case they face any problems regarding their participation in the paid focus groups.

Candidates are invited to reach out for any and all queries, ranging from the status of their payments to directions to the research site.

Interested people are also encouraged to reach out to customer service through email to gain further insight into how the information submitted is used by the website.

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

For interested companies that want to work with Tech Research Studies, a contact form seems to be the only way to contact the people to set up a meeting.

On the other hand, for people interested in participating in reviews, email seems to be the only way.

Although they are active in replying to people on their social media pages, the likelihood of being assisted directly through messaging their account seems low.

Conclusion: Is Tech Research Studies Legit?

Based on our research and the overall feedback from previous reviewers, Tech Research Studies can be considered legit.

The website is secure, and their social media activity is regular, with many testimonials posted.

They are also responsive to comments, and their association with major companies to carry out demographic surveys provides sufficient evidence to conclude that they are a safe and reliable company.

When you’re researching how to find gigs on the side to boost your monthly income, this is a legit way to get started.

The site is secure with a valid SSL certificate, which means that user data will likely not be compromised.

They also have an international presence across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, adding to the reasons that they can be considered a reliable research company.

But, if joining focus groups doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, you may choose from Gigworker’s Side Hustle Database to find something that’s better suited to your strengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to participating in Tech Research Studies focus groups.

Does Tech Research Studies Pay in Cash?

No, the company does not pay focus group participants directly in cash. It transfers a gift card which may be redeemed through digital payment methods via email.

The payment is made after the candidate has completed the survey, and they will be compensated within 7-21 days.

Can I Participate in Multiple Sessions?

People may apply for multiple surveys if they occur in their residential city. But, the likelihood of being called back for the same survey depends on the procedure that is being carried out.

The details are only revealed once the participants are present at the location.

How Do You Participate In a Research Study?

You can participate in a paid focus group by filling up an application on their website.

You will be required to enter your personal details and will have to answer questions based on your experience with the product being surveyed.

Tech Research Studies Alternatives: Other Options to Try

Here are some other companies that you might also be interested in finding out the credibility of:

Wrapping Up

Can Tech Research Studies be considered legit? Yes, it can.

The company has worked with several big brands in an international capacity and has set itself up as a trusted source for testing out new products and technology and collecting ethically sourced data.

With all the positive reviews available about their services and their prompt assistance, they are a reliable way to earn some extra income on the side.

Let us know what you thought of this article in the comments, and remember to share it with a friend or family member who you think could participate.

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