Is Ascendancy Research Legit? We Tested It To Find Out

Is Ascendancy Research legitimate, or is it a long-standing fraud company? Here is an in-depth guide discussing whether you should trust them.

Key Takeaways

  • Ascendancy Research conducts paid focus groups for market research since 2005.
  • Payments range from $60 to $350, paid in cash or check.
  • Participants can join on-site, online, or in-field research studies.
  • The company is legitimate with high Google ratings and transparent operations.

Ascendancy Research is among the most popular names in the market research space, being founded in 2005.

But, like any company in this niche, you may be asking: ” Is Ascendancy Research legitimate?” After all, the market research industry is full of scams and frauds that don’t pay even after one has completed surveys.

In this article, we will be taking an in-depth look at Ascendancy Research and its operations. We will also answer the question surrounding their legitimacy after performing an in-depth analysis of a multitude of factors.

What Is Ascendancy Research?

Ascendancy Research is a market research company that facilitates recruitment, project management, and research for its clients.

According to their official website, they are specialists in project design and management, survey design, fieldwork, and advanced analytics.

They host focus groups in their research facility to carry out market research for their clients and then present the findings upon further analysis.

The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and conducts its work through a variety of methods.

How Does Ascendancy Research Work?

Ascendancy Research carries out market research and ultimately aims to serve the customer by allowing its clients to come up with better products and services.

They organize paid focus groups to gather data and analyze it through their team of dedicated marketing professionals.

screenshot of the Ascendancy Research homepage - cover photo for the is Ascendancy Research legit post on

There are multiple ways that the company conducts research, with three main types of projects that interested candidates can participate in.

  • On-site: An on-site research would require candidates to physically attend the focus group at the Ascendancy Research facility located at 5775 Wayzata Blvd in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Online: Online research does not require candidates to attend the location, as the survey will be conducted via an online medium. If you’re looking to participate in online surveys exclusively, you may be interested in the best survey sites online.
  • In-Field: In-field research is the opposite of on-site research, where Ascendancy Research sends its team over to the respondents.

The method of data collection depends on the requirements of the study and the clients of the company. For interested respondents, there are multiple ways to participate in the survey at their convenience.

Participants are paid based on the effort that they have spent in the research study. The payment ranges from $60 to $350 and varies based on the kind of focus group attended by an individual.

Common Questions to Understand

Here are some of the common questions that consumers may have when it comes to the work carried out by Ascendancy Research.

What Is the Mode of Payment for Ascendancy Research Focus Groups?

Unlike many other market research companies which pay participants in points and gift cards, Ascendancy Research pays respondents in cash or check.

The amount that people receive varies based on the complexity and importance of the study.

When Do People Get Paid by Ascendancy Research?

People are often paid immediately after participating in the focus group if the research is conducted via the on-site or in-field methods.

In the case of online research, the money is transferred after the completion of the research study.

Does Ascendancy Research Only Conduct Surveys in Minnesota?

No, on-site research at their facility is only one of the ways that the company conducts research.

The facility provides an optimal research environment, according to its website. But, there are instances where online research will be conducted with no commute involved.

The company may also send its team to the respondents, as in the case of in-field surveys. Their social media page indicates that studies are being conducted all across the country.

How to Apply For Ascendancy Research Focus Groups?

To participate in one of their market research studies, interested candidates need to apply through their website.

Click on “Register Now” on their sign-up page, and fill in the necessary details.

If you are eligible to be a participant in one of their market research studies, they will send you an invite and ask you to confirm your presence.

Ascendancy Research’s Facebook page is a good source to follow to stay updated about the latest surveys being conducted across the country.

Is Ascendancy Research Legit?

Yes, Ascendancy Research can be considered a legit company.

Multiple factors go into determining the legitimacy of any market research company. But in the case of Ascendancy, some key points suggest it is completely legit.

Here are some of the factors that reinforce the fact:

  • Facility Location: The company has a state-of-the-art facility where it conducts on-site research. The address has been made public, and it goes a long way in confirming that they are a legit business.
  • Reviews: Ascendancy Research is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on Google Reviews, based on 191 reviews. This suggests that customers have had a pleasant experience while participating in research studies.
  • Social Media Presence: Ascendancy Research has a strong presence on LinkedIn and Facebook. They post regular updates about new focus groups on their Facebook page, which has over 28,000 followers. But, the engagement they receive on posts in comparison to their many followers is significantly low.
  • Ways to Contact: The company mentions its address, email address, and telephone number on its social media profiles and website for contact. Their attempt to provide means of communication and transparency on all fronts is a clear green signal that they can be trusted.

Is Ascendancy Research Reliable?

The company enlists the names of its research and marketing professionals, as well as its hierarchy.

Findings from Better Business Bureau suggest that the company has been in operation since 2005. Better Business Bureau has given them a rating of A+, although not accredited.

screenshot of the Ascendancy Companies, Inc page on the bbb

Reviews on Google also suggest that participants have had a good experience in focus groups.

Based on their years of business and the fact that they ensure transparency on their site about their operations, they may be considered a reliable market research company.

Is Ascendancy Research Safe?

Yes, Ascendancy Research can be considered safe, based on information publicly available to readers.

They were established in 2005 and have been in operation for 18 years. Their website has been operating since around that time and also has a valid SSL certificate.

Scamadviser indicates that the website owner’s identity has been kept secret, as on WHOIS. But it indicates that the website is trustworthy and does not contain any malware or phishing content.

The only downside is that the Tranco rank is low, which means that the number of visitors to the site is not proportionate to the site’s age.

The predominantly positive customer experience also implies that the facility is safe and that it can be trusted.

What Are Users Saying About Ascendancy Research?

A great way to gauge the legitimacy of a market research company like Ascendancy Research is to analyze the experience of other customers.

Several people have uploaded reviews online and have commented on their experience with the company.

What Google Reviews Liked About Ascendancy Research

Here is what Google Reviews are saying about the company:

  • Accommodating and Welcoming Staff: Multiple users have commented that their experience with the company was pleasant and pointed out that the staff was welcoming and professional, which helped them get the job done easily.
  • Timely Compensation: Reviews on Google predominantly mention that they were all paid promptly after they participated in the focus group. They also reveal that it was often deposited in their Amazon account, as well as a check, suggesting that it isn’t always paid in cash.
  • Easy to do Business With: Most reviews on Google mention that the company was easy to work with and that the survey was simple and not challenging at all.
  • Regular Communication: Many people have commented that the company communicated with them regularly about their participation. The team addressed every query that the candidates had about the research study before their participation.

What Social Media Reviews Liked About Ascendancy Research

Here is what people on platforms like Reddit and Facebook have to say about their experience with Ascendancy Research focus groups:

  • Legit Focus Groups: Comments on Ascendancy Research’s Facebook posts indicate that people usually get paid within a week of participating in market research studies and that they had a good experience.
  • Returning Participants: Activity on the company’s social media pages suggests that people are eager to participate in their surveys regularly.
  • Multiple referrals: People also regularly refer their associates to participate in the surveys or do them together as a form of team effort.

Why Are People Worried About Using Ascendancy Research?

Most of the reviews on respondent experience with Ascendancy Research are positive.

But, not everybody has a uniform experience with market research. Some users indicate a negative experience as well as concerns about a possible scam.

Here are some things about Ascendancy Research that users are worried about.

What Google Reviewers Are Worried About

Although the reviews on Google are predominantly positive, some criticize Ascendancy Research.

But it is worth noting that even in case of negative reviews, the team responds to the problems mentioned and invites them to get in touch to solve them right away.

Here is what the reviewers were worried about:

  • Not Paid for Participation: Certain reviews indicated that candidates had an unsatisfactory experience with the market research study. They also mentioned that they were not paid for their time.
  • Probable Scam: A number of reviews suggested that Ascendancy Research sent them requests on LinkedIn and via email. In their response to these reviews, the team stated that they were aware of the scam and had reported this behavior to the respective platforms.
  • Rude Recruiters: Although few, some reviews mentioned that the recruiting professionals at the company were rude and even racist.
  • Scheduling Issues: Some reviews stated that their focus groups were canceled the day before. Others said that their study started late, even though they were asked to arrive early.

What Social Media Reviews Are Worried About

Social media reviews can say a lot about the legitimacy of a company by putting forth the kind of reputation they have amongst people.

Ascendancy Research has disabled reviews on Facebook but has allowed them on Google. This leads to people turning to the comments section on their posts to briefly document their experience.

Here is what social media reviewers are worried about:

  • Scam Emails: Some people commented that they received emails from Ascendancy Research even though they did not sign up for them.
  • Poor Experience: Threads on Reddit also implied that customers didn’t have a fully satisfactory experience participating in Ascendancy Research focus groups.

Ascendancy Research Quality & Guarantees

According to Ascendancy Research’s official website, the information entered by interested respondents for signing up is kept fully confidential.

They firmly state that the details entered will not be sold before, during, or after they participate in any market research activities.

After participating in a study, people are eligible to get paid. Before sending the money, respondents will be contacted by the team to confirm their details.

The website also states what could have possibly gone wrong if respondents were not contacted. But, as the reviews suggest, this situation is a rarity.

Ascendancy Research also records the attendance and cancellation history of respondents. If a candidate cancels multiple times, they may not be asked to participate in future studies.

Ascendancy Research Customer Service

The Ascendancy Research social media pages and website offer multiple ways to get in touch with their customer service team.

People may call them via the phone number provided or write to them via email as well. The website also has a contact form which can be filled up and sent to the customer service team directly.

Ascendancy Research’s customer service is one of their many positives since they guide respondents through every aspect of attending the market research study.

People are encouraged to get in touch in case they have queries or problems regarding their participation in studies.

Conclusion: Is Ascendancy Research Legit?

Multiple factors clearly show Ascendancy Research to be a legit business. People looking to earn extra money by participating in one of their market research surveys may go ahead without worry.

They have a high rating on Google, with almost all reviews positively recalling their experience with the surveys.

The company also has a massive following on Facebook and has regular engagement on the platform too.

But most importantly, they have an established facility where people are called to attend studies. A scam company would not publicly put out their headquarters or even provide so many ways of getting in touch.

They also showcase their research and marketing professionals on their website, which provides further clarity on their internal workings.

There is a small cause for concern about the scam that some people have reported. But, it is not associated with Ascendancy Research in any way and has also been reported by them.

Suspicious emails and LinkedIn requests may be something to look out for if people are interested in participating. But, the overwhelming number of satisfied respondents reinforces that the company is legit and a safe way to earn money on the side.

Our Side Hustle Directory may be what you’re looking for if you want to explore more ways to supplement your main source of income.

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Wrapping Up

Taking all the information discussed into account, Ascendancy Research is a legit way to participate in research studies. Respondents should be prepared to be called only if they are eligible for a certain study based on the criteria required.

The site appears safe, and the data entered is not shared with anybody, which suggests that people may register to participate without concern.

If you liked this post, please leave a comment telling us what helped you out the most. nFeel free to share it with a friend or family member who you think could attend one of their surveys and make some extra money too.

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