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8 Online Writing Sites That Pay You [Ranked For 2024]

Are you looking for online writing sites to jumpstart your freelance writing career? Check these 8 websites that offer writing gigs across all skill levels.

Are you looking for ways to earn money with your writing skills but don’t have the experience? You’re not alone!

The onset of COVID-19 brought freelance writing gigs to the forefront of remote employment opportunities. Research reveals over 70 million Americans did freelance work in 2022.

Of that number, 82% are freelance writers. That’s around 54 million people in the U.S. alone! Now you’d think that’s too much competition for beginners to handle, but the truth is the opposite.

Finding online writing sites that pay money doesn’t have to be taxing, and most are open to beginners!

This article introduces you to 9 freelance writing sites with extensive job postings fit for your skill level.

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Best Online Writing Sites [At A Glance]

The internet has many opportunities for freelance writers, but only a few stand out for bringing in real profit and helping you become a successful freelance writer.

Here are our top picks for 2023:

  1. Upwork: Our Pick
  2. Blogging Pro: Runner-Up
  3. Fiverr: Also Great
  4. Contently: Best for Experienced Writers
  5. Writers Work: Best Pooled Writing Jobs
  6. iWriter: Best for Tiered Writing Gigs
  7. WriterAccess: Best for Long-term Writing Jobs
  8. ProBlogger: Best for Blog Writing

An Overview of Online Freelance Writing

There is no official date when freelance writing started because freelance writers have been around even before digital platforms were created.

But it’s safe to consider the early 2000s as the dawn of the online freelance writing job trend. Notable sites like ProBlogger shares their small-scale origins, which have become a huge success over time.

What are Online Freelance Writing Sites?

Freelance writing sites are the one-stop shop for businesses and startups seeking writing services. They’re central hubs for hiring writers and finding job boards with quality writing gigs.

Some more intuitive websites have features that allow clients to match their writing jobs with the ideal candidate. This results in a mutually beneficial arrangement that guarantees satisfaction for both the business and the content writers.

Why Are Freelance Writing Sites Important?

A freelance writing website reduces the need for companies to shoulder all the legwork involved in hiring talents. They don’t need complex contracts to engage experienced freelance writers.

On the writer’s side, accessing these freelance platforms streamlines the job search process and helps boost their writing portfolio.

You can have multiple freelance writing jobs in a few months, which allows you to gather referrals and recommendations from happy clients.

Do I Need an Online Writing Site to Build a Freelance Writing Career?

Freelance writing sites aren’t required to build a writing career, but they help speed up the process.

Taking on multiple writing jobs within this active community builds up your reputation, skill, and network — factors that help you stand out from the competition.

The Best Online Writing Sites at a Glance

We’ve rounded up our best picks for freelance writing websites and come up with two all-rounders.

What is the Best Online Freelance Writing Site?

With approximately 5 million clients using the platform, Upwork is our best pick for starters looking to understand how freelance writing works.

Its ‘Writing & Translation’ job board category boasts 146k+ active contracts, with clients giving an average 4.8 -star rating to writing professionals.

This includes a range of talents like proofreaders, content writers, translators, ghostwriters, and more.

What is the Best Free Online Writing Site?

Blogging Pro is our top choice for niche-focused freelance writing gigs.

It’s a job board that prospective freelancers can use for free, minus the need to create an account.

One of the things we like about this portal is its straightforward application process that details everything you need to know about a job with just a click.

Clients of this site must pay their writers a minimum of $15 per project, eliminating the risk of getting scammed.

Features to Look for In an Online Writing Website

Freelance writing opportunities have attracted many full-time professionals, so the competition is high.

This can result in some people, especially those with no experience, agreeing to jobs that don’t honor their contracts.

To avoid falling into freelance scams, you must be critical in assessing whether or not the portal you’re signing up for is legit.

Here are features to look for before taking on online writing jobs:

1. Trust Rating

Be wary of freelance websites with a Google review star rating of less than 3. While online ratings are ultimately subjective, they reflect the user experience that professionals and clients have for the platform.

You also want to check review sites like TechRadar or online forums like Reddit and Quora to see what other users think of freelance writing websites.

2. Pay Range

Online freelance writing jobs vary in pay range, and it’s primarily driven by the fact that clients have their specific project budgets. Some portals require businesses to offer a specific job price range, while others leave it to the client.

3. Job Listings

The best freelance writing sites have extensive job boards. This allows them to attract clients from all sectors and freelancers of different skill sets.

4. Application Process

Check the requirements for signing up with a portal and see if you fit their eligibility. You’re better off starting small and building your portfolio rather than trying to break the big game without a solid portfolio to back it up.

5. Online Courses or Blogs

The freelance writing industry is saturated with talent. And while there is a global demand to match that up, beefing up your skill set is necessary to ace the competition.

Check for platforms with built-in writing tools or knowledge bases. Do they have a blog you can subscribe to stay current with the freelance writing landscape?

Best Online Writing Sites: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Here are our top 3 freelance writing sites, handpicked for their combined reach, user reviews, and job opportunities.

1. Upwork: Our Pick

Upwork is a global freelancing platform that connects businesses or startups with individual professionals. It hosts a variety of industries that include writing.

It’s a marketplace where the main currency is your skill. Housing over 12 million freelancers as of 2023, Upwork’s an attractive platform to boost your professional network too!

Key Features of Upwork

Below are features that make Upwork a powerhouse in freelancing:

  • Global Network: Upwork is available in over 180 countries, making connecting with global clients easier.
  • All-In Mediation: Upwork handles all the contracts, billing, and invoicing processes. This helps you focus on your craft instead of tracking all admin-related requirements before getting paid.
  • Robust Writing Job Board: Upwork has 80 writing-related categories under its filter, giving you more options to check if your first few don’t work.
  • Upwork Connects: A “Connect” serves as your internal currency and allows you to send client proposals or applications. Upwork’s free plan grants you 10 connects per month, while its Freelance Plus gives you up to 80 connects.
  • Top Rated Badge: This one’s given to Upwork’s top freelancers who have built a strong reputation on the platform and consistently get positive feedback from clients. Acquiring this badge gives you access to Upwork’s exclusive features like premium support and in-house talent scout assistance.

Pros of Upwork

  • Hassle-free Onboarding: All you need is an email address to start creating an account for free. No need for samples and exams to start searching for writing jobs.
  • Seamless Portal Interface: Upwork has intuitive navigation that helps you sift through job listings without getting lost.
  • Location Flexibility: Compared to some platforms that require you to be within the state or city near your client, Upwork supports fully remote jobs.

Cons of Upwork

  • High Competition: Landing the first gig remains challenging for any new freelance writer. Clients looking for content writing services often look for a solid portfolio before hiring their freelancer.
  • Commission Fee: Upwork takes 20% of the first $500 you bill to your clients. This can be too hefty, especially for starters with minimal projects.
  • Dispute Resolution: Users report difficulty connecting with Upwork’s resolution team to settle payment disputes.

Upwork Income

Content writing jobs on Upwork have an average pay of $15 to $40 an hour. Some companies who want a long-term arrangement with writers pay a flat fee of $800 a month.

Final Verdict

Upwork is a great job search engine that offers freelance writing jobs globally. It can take a while to build a solid reputation and attract regular clients, but it is nonetheless the most robust platform for writing gigs that pay.

2. Blogging Pro: Runner-Up

Blogging Pro is an easy-to-navigate job site for professional writers looking for trusted clients. Unlike most platforms that require you to create user profiles, Blogging Pro gives you total control over when and to who you want to apply.

Key Features of Blogging Pro

Here are the top features why we recommend Blogging Pro:

  • Multiple Job Setup: Most job listings in this platform are remote, though a few require onsite arrangements. They also offer freelance, contract, or part-time setups.
  • Writing Tips & Tutorials: Blogging Pro has quick links to articles that help you enhance your freelance work quality. Access is free with no sign-up requirement.
  • In-demand Writing Categories: The platform only advertises writing jobs such as content writing, journalism, and copywriting. This saves you time from having to sort through vast, non-writing jobs.
  • Direct Apply: Once you select a writing gig, you’ll get a comprehensive list of responsibilities and requirements and a snippet of the client’s background. Hitting ‘Apply for job’ leads you to the client’s website to complete the application.
  • Fast Response Time: Blogging Pro requires clients to respond to applications within 24 to 48 hours. This guarantees you’ll get a response whether you make it or not.

Pros of Blogging Pro

  • Free to Use: You don’t pay anything with Blogging Pro. No add-on costs, hidden fees, or cutbacks for commissions.
  • Transparent Pricing: Most jobs in this portal provide their exact pay range. If not, their websites will, which you can access when you apply.
  • Reliable Clients: Blogging Pro’s client list is a combination of established companies and startups with either brick-and-mortar stores or a legitimate online presence.

Cons of Blogging Pro

  • Minimal Job Updates: Unlike bigger portals with daily job streams, Blogging Pro only updates when clients choose to advertise on their platform. They do an average of weekly updates with fewer than 20 new jobs.
  • Requires Experience: While all positions are open to beginners, many clients indicate specific writing experience in their eligibility requirements. This can be tough to break for anyone with no portfolio to show.
  • Inconsistent Income: Blogging Pro doesn’t set any price range guideline for clients apart from the minimum $15 requirement. It’s up to you to determine if the company’s offering a competitive price for the writing service required.

Blogging Pro Income

Blogging Pro guarantees a minimum of $15 hourly pay for writers as part of its initial agreement with clients. Some jobs, like social media writers, can pay up to $300 per project.

Final Verdict

Blogging Pro is an excellent choice for finding freelance writing jobs covering different niches.

Its direct link to clients gives you full control of the application process and an overview of the job budget, so you won’t have to do the guesswork in finding out how much you’ll earn.

Still, it doesn’t offer many jobs, and you’ll often need to showcase proof of writing experience to land a gig.

3. Fiverr: Also Great

Fiverr is the perfect platform for individuals who prefer working with other individuals instead of a large-scale company.

This website is an ideal entry-level choice since you won’t have to bid or negotiate for jobs.

You’ll also have access to a potential client or buyer’s requests, including instructions and files to assist you in delivering their expected result.

Key Features of Fiverr

Let’s look into the features we like best about Fiverr and see if it fits your ideal freelance writing website:

  • Worldwide Reach: Fiverr is available in 190 countries, with 42% of its users based in the U.S. It also houses clients from Canada, India, and the U.K.
  • Seller Levels: You can climb up the levels if you constantly deliver quality tasks on time.
  • Pro-verified Feature: If you have the background and experience of a trusted writer, then Fiverr might approve you as part of their ‘Pro Services’ feature. You can charge higher and increase the potential of attracting high-paying clients.
  • Extensive Filter Customization: Fiverr wants an ideal match for their clients, so their filters are extensive. You can consider this feature when setting up your profile, delivery timelines, price range, and writing style.
  • E-learning Products: If you’re looking to enhance your skills, try enrolling in Fiverr’s business and technical courses led by niche experts.

Pros of Fiverr

  • Admin-free Experience: The platform handles the admin side of things like producing invoices, promotions, transaction recording, etc.
  • Option for Early Payout: While only available to select sellers, the feature is an advantage. It’s an advantage if you need cash immediately instead of waiting for the typical 14-day clearing period.
  • Opportunities to Broaden Skills: Fiverr’s writing jobs range from simple content writing to more challenging gigs like technical writeups. You’ll encounter task requests you haven’t tried before that can be a great learning opportunity.

Cons of Fiverr

  • Low-paying Gigs: While you can charge your services for up to $995 per project, only top-rated and long-time freelancers enjoy that profit. Most starters will have to settle for the low price of $5.
  • Issues with Scams: There are reports of freelancers not getting paid by clients claiming they have yet to receive their orders. It can be difficult to dispute this unless you have complete and detailed communications with the client.
  • Commission Fee: Fiverr takes 20% off your earning regardless of your seller level or service cost. If you earn $5, you’ll only receive $4 as your take-home pay.

Fiverr Income

Your Fiverr income depends on the number of services you deliver. You can price it from $5 per project up to $995.

Final Verdict

Fiverr’s a great place for freelancers who want to start small, minus all the hassle of promoting their services. By setting up an account, your profile’s automatically pooled under your chosen gig category.

It’s entry-level at best, which might not be the best option for advanced writers with considerable writing experience.

Notable Mentions: Other Writing Sites To Check Out

If you’re looking for alternative options other than our top 3 picks, you can try out these freelance writing sites:

4. Contently – Best for Experienced Writers

Contently is for expert freelance writers looking at landing a gig with big companies. Some of their clients include Coca-Cola, Dell, Walmart, and Google.

Unlike the other platforms on our list, you don’t apply for a writing job to be a part of their team. Their in-house talent scouts choose writers from all around the web and invite them for an interview.

That being said, having a solid creative platform that showcases your diverse writing portfolio is an essential factor to be considered for any of their gigs.

Why is Contently a Great Option?

Landing a gig at Contently is a surefire way to skyrocket your freelance career. You can add your experience with them to your portfolio along with the brands or companies you worked with.

Best of all, you can negotiate your rate. If you think they’re offering lower than your regular rate, you can demand higher pay.

Drawbacks to Contently

Its obvious drawback comes from the fact that it isn’t for beginners. Contently only contacts specialists with years of experience whose consistent portfolio speaks for their work quality.

Contently Income

Contently has a proprietary rate sheet that dictates the price range options for their projects. While we can’t divulge the specifics, online writers share earnings between $300 and $1,200 per piece.

5. Writers Work – Best Pooled Writing Jobs

Writers Work is a paid freelance writing platform that offers real-time data on writing gigs worldwide. They offer a lifetime subscription of $47 or a monthly option of $15.

It’s an excellent platform allowing you to do all your writing tasks in it. It has a built-in text editor and work tracker feature to help you organize your workload and set writing goals.

Writers Work also has one of the most diverse types of writing requests, such as writing stories for magazines or even fishing equipment reviews.

Why is Writers Work a Great Option?

One thing that Writers Work does well is its writing-only job board. You won’t find other popular gigs like graphic design or video production in its pool.

It’s a great platform for getting a constant stream of gigs you can easily filter by categories like finance, tech, and entertainment.

Drawbacks to Writers Work

There’s high competition in this platform, which may deter freelancers who are looking at quick payments. While there are varied writing options, landing those high-paying gigs requires skill and experience.

Writers Work Income

Writers get paid between $20 to $65 an hour. Other projects offer a fixed rate of $100 per project.

6. iWriter – Best for Tiered Writing Gigs

iWriter is an excellent platform that offers opportunities for writers to upgrade their skills and earning potential while writing more.

The platform offers four writing levels – Standard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus. Accessing higher levels mean higher-paying gigs.

We found iWriter to have a diverse niche in terms of topics and ideas, with clients providing specific writing instructions, including required keywords and formatting.

Why is iWriter a Great Option?

It’s easy to join iWriter as a freelancer. You’ll only need to pass two 200-word writing tests to complete the registration. Once done, you can start using the platform to find gigs.

Happy clients also have the option to give you tips for a job well done, helping you increase your income. You also have the opportunity to get paid weekly or biweekly, with a minimum of $20 in earnings.

Drawbacks to iWriter

A significant drawback of iWriter is its steep commission. The platform takes 35% of your total earnings, which is higher than other platforms in our list charge.

Rising through the ranks may also be challenging for new writers as you must deliver 30 articles with a minimum of a 4-star rating before leveling up a step.

iWriter income

Depending on your writing tier, you can earn between $1.25 to $260 in iWriter. There’s a fixed price assigned to word counts across the board, which varies in level.

7. WriterAccess – Best for Long-term Writing Job

WriterAccess is home to over 40,000 brands, all looking for quality writers. Many freelancers who start working with the platform often receive repeat orders from companies, agencies, and small businesses they’ve worked with.

This platform’s an excellent starting point for skilled writers looking for a freelance job with the potential for long-term employment.

Why is WriterAccess a Great Option?

WriterAccess is excellent for building a freelance writing career with reliable clients. You can get hired for all sorts of jobs, from writing blogs to writing short stories.

The platform screens all interested writers. If you pass, you’re automatically given a star rating, unlocking jobs within that level. The higher the rating, the bigger the pay.

Drawbacks to WriterAccess

While joining WriterAccess is free, getting approved can be a challenge. You must provide at least two public web pages as sample works on top of your general and industry experience.

WriterAccess income

All writers are paid 70% of what the client pays for each project.

8. ProBlogger – Best for Blog Writing

ProBlogger is a must-try platform if you’re into SEO writing and blogging. Most of its job postings are from website owners who want to outsource the writing part of their content marketing strategy.

This platform is ideal if you enjoy writing across different topics and are fine communicating directly with the client or managing your workload.

Why is ProBlogger a Great Option?

ProBlogger is great because of its real-time job listings and quality clients who pay well for your services. Joining the platform is easy, and you don’t have to pay anything.

All you need is to register to create your online resume. From here, you can bookmark jobs and create job alerts to get up to speed with the most recent job ads.

Drawbacks to ProBlogger

ProBlogger’s quality clientele attracts the most talents, so expect tough competition. The fact that these clients pay $80 to post their job ads on the platform means they’re willing to pay, but they can also be picky in hiring freelance writers.

ProBlogger income

Writers earn from $25 to $200 per piece, depending on the complexity and research work required. In-house or full-time bloggers earn between $45,000 to $90,000 annually.

Other Online Gigs to Check Out

Is online writing too tough for starters? Here are alternative options to earn money online.

  • High-paying Surveys: Do you like answering surveys or giving quality feedback for products and services? This article introduces you to online surveys that pay well.
  • How to Get Paid Playing Video Games: Bring your gaming experience to a new level and get paid! Know websites and apps that pay money, gift cards, and other rewards.
  • Get Paid to Text: This is perfect for anyone who wants easy side hustles you can do any time, anywhere, even while on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Online Writing Jobs Pay Well?

ZipRecruiter reports an average $38 hourly rate for online writers, a decent figure for remote work. The total compensation, however, will depend on other factors like the number of hours you write, the employer, and fees taken out of your earnings.

What is the Best Writing Niche?

The popularity of writing niche fluctuates, but top picks this 2023 include digital marketing, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, healthcare, and personal finance.

Wrapping Up

The freelance writing business is booming, and bagging a gig that pays well is possible if you know where to look.

Upwork is our top pick for the sheer volume of writing opportunities. Its thousands of jobs and multiple subcategories remain unbeatable, even with competitors like Fiverr.

Blogging Pro is also a favorite if you’re looking for niche-focused writing with clients that pay well.

Overall, checking out the online writing platforms we’ve listed opens you to opportunities to earn money by writing, even with little experience.

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