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21+ Legit Online Jobs That Pay Well: Details & Payments

Learn about the best legit online jobs for 2024. Learn the details about what they entail, how much they pay, and how to apply today.

The opportunities to work at home or on a remote basis while traveling are plentiful thanks to the internet.

Making money online has never been easier.

But how do you find profitable and legit online jobs when there are so many scams and false promises?

Look no further.

Whether you’re seeking a part-time or full-time online job or an opportunity that will bring you some extra money to top-up your current income, we’ve identified the best remote jobs that offer flexibility, freedom to work wherever you are (providing that you have an internet connection), and the chance to earn good money.

Let’s get started.

1. Data Entry

You won’t make a fortune from doing online data entry work, but you can earn a basic living that will enable you to work from home or have more flexibility to travel.

It’s also a viable option for students and stay-at-home moms who are looking to supplement their income.

To qualify for a data entry online job, you need to be organized, meticulous, and have your own computer and internet connection.

You may need to have a minimum typing speed of at least 60 words per minute although this may vary depending on the task.

The work can be laborious in some cases but isn’t too mind-boggling, and is an effective way to make money with your computer.

Many companies are finding that it’s more convenient and cost-effective to hire remote workers for data entry, so there are plenty of opportunities.

For legitimate data entry jobs, take a look at Smart Crowd, Sigtrack, Clickworker, and DionData Solutions.

Typical pay: $10-$18 per hour

2. Freelance Writing

If you have a way with words, freelance writing is a great remote working job.

Whether you write for magazines, websites, newsletters, or blogs, there are a range of decent paying writing opportunities available.

As a freelance writer, you can write about every subject under the sun, but it might prove more lucrative to specialize.

Technical writing and finance writing, for example, pay substantially higher rates.

A good place to find writing contracts and commissions is on writing job boards.

Take a look at Freelance Writing and Contena.

You can also pitch ideas to magazines and newspapers, and offer your writing service to local businesses.

If you’re a creative writer, you can even write personalized poems, stories, and speeches.

Typical pay: $15-$60 per hour or $50-$500+ per article

3. Proofreading and Editing

Are you usually the first to spot a spelling mistake or a rogue apostrophe?

If you’re passionate about grammar and meticulous about details, then you’ll probably make an excellent proofreader or editor.

Typical work might include correcting and enhancing copy for online and print publishers.

There are also plenty of opportunities to proofread or edit text for students, authors, and web entrepreneurs.

You can approach publishers directly or find opportunities on Gramlee or Kirkus Media.

Typical pay: $12-$45 per hour

4. Online Tutoring

The internet has completely revolutionized the education industry, and it’s now possible to learn any subject online.

This means there is a demand for skilled or qualified online tutors, especially for academic subjects and languages.

There are a ton of online tutoring suggestions here, or you can take a look at, Chegg, and Landienglish.

Typical pay: $18-$40 per hour

5. Transcription

Are you a fast typist? More importantly, are you an accurate typist?

If so, try transcribing audio files.
Entrepreneurs often need a transcription of their podcast or vlog, but the best rates tend to be offered for medical or legal transcription.

Take a look at GoTranscript and Transcription Hub for transcription job leads.

Typical pay: $9-$25 per hour

6. Call Center Agent

If you have excellent communication skills, you can earn a regular wage from being a call center agent.

From dealing with customer service calls to sales and technical inquiries, this is an ideal way to earn extra income.

You’ll need a quiet space where you can take calls without any interruption as well as a reliable internet connection and headset.

For opportunities, visit Sitel Group and Working Solutions.

Typical pay: $8-$12 per hour

7. Online Customer Service

You can work from home as an online customer service or customer care agent on behalf of an organization.

Typical tasks include responding to queries and complaints.

You’ll need good typing and communication skills and a reliable internet connection.

Find customer service job opportunities at LiveWorld and Concentrix.

Typical pay: $8-$12 per hour

8. Graphic Designer

There is a huge demand for creative graphics, and good opportunities exist for those who have a talent for art and graphic design.

You can build your graphic design portfolio by offering your skills to customers on Fiverr.

As you gain commercial experience, you might want to niche your graphic design service, although designers with multiple skills tend to be among the highest paid.

Typical pay: $25-$50 per hour, but experienced graphic designers can earn more

9. Virtual Assistant

Solid, reliable virtual assistants (VAs) are in demand and businesses are willing to pay well for the right person.

That person could be you!

If you’re super organized, a good communicator, and have excellent administrative and secretarial skills, you can establish yourself as a work-from-anywhere virtual assistant.

A VA often carries out tasks such as daily management, answering emails, booking travel, responding to social media comments, and more.

Approach potential clients directly or find virtual assistance remote worker jobs at Time etc or Vicky Virtual.

Typical pay: $18-$35 per hour

10. Social Media Manager

If you know your way around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you have the makings of a social media manager.

You’ll need to know how to optimize and manage posts and respond effectively to comments.

Keeping on top of social media is time-consuming, especially for celebrities, influencers, and businesses with thousands of followers.

Even smaller businesses find it more cost-effective to hire a social media expert to manage their channels.

To find work, you can approach individuals or companies whose social media channels appear neglected or poorly managed and offer your services.

Search for remote social media manager jobs on Indeed or FlexJobs.

Typical pay: $15-$45 per hour, but you can earn more if you know how to optimize posts and run effective advertising campaigns

11. Video or Podcast Editor

Making and editing videos and podcasts is another role that’s in high demand.

If you have the experience and software to create engaging and entertaining videos, you can make a very good living by either creating your own monetized YouTube channel or editing videos and podcasts for clients.

To find a legit video or podcast editing job, check out Upwork or Glassdoor.

Typical pay: $25-$35 per hour, but experienced video editors and YouTubers can earn far more

12. Voice-Over Artist

If you have a clear, engaging tone of voice, you can make a good living as a voice artist by providing vocal recordings for podcasts, videos, audiobooks, and films.

Gain experience by offering your voiceover service on Fiverr.

As you build confidence, promote your service to audio publishers and filmmakers.

Your voice could be your fortune.

Typical pay: $15-$25 per hour

13. Dropshipper

You can run your very own online store without the hassle of holding stock and fulfilling sales by becoming a dropshipper.

Dropshipping is a business model that enables you to start an e-commerce store by listing products from suppliers.

The supplier deals with stock, shipping, and returns.

All you have to do is find and add products, and then market your store.

Although profit margins are low, you can still earn a generous commission on each item sold.

It’s similar to affiliate marketing.

You can sell anything from clothes to gadgets.

It’s not quite passive income, but is certainly less involved than running your own store.

Take a look at Oberlo for more details and to find dropshipping suppliers.

You can set up your store on Shopify.

Typical pay: $10-$500+ per item sold

14. Bookkeeper

If you have a mind for numbers, bookkeeping is an ideal service to offer for self-employed or small businesses.

As a bookkeeper, you’ll be helping your clients manage their business finances.

Confidentiality, accuracy, and reliability are keys to success in this field.

Market your bookkeeping service by setting up a page on Linkedin or Facebook, and scheduling regular posts.

Share your experience and the benefits of hiring a bookkeeper.

Introduce yourself to local businesses by attending business networking events.

Once you’re offering a first-class service, clients will find you on recommendation.

Typical pay: $20-$50 per hour

15. Travel Agent

Travel is big business, and more travel operators are employing online travel agents to promote their vacations.

If you’re a seasoned traveler with lots of insights to share, being an online travel agent and promoting destinations via social media is a great way to generate income.

Take a look at Oasis Travel Network or Global Travel.

You can also contact a travel operator directly for current opportunities.

Typical pay: Varies and is usually on commission

16. Website Designer

If you have a flair for web design and can create stylish and functional websites to suit the client’s requirements, you can make a good income from it.

You’ll need a solid knowledge of the web design process from start to finish.

It helps if you have experience of using various software and working on different platforms.

Use your own website to promote your service to businesses.

Consider creating a profitable niche, such as specializing in building membership sites.

Search for web design jobs on Fiverr or Upwork.

Typical pay: $100-$5,000+ per site

17. Translator

Are you proficient in more than one language?

Use your linguistic skills to offer to translate written copy into another language.

To become a translator in the U.S., you need to be fluent in English as well as another language.

Although a bachelor’s degree isn’t always a requirement, you must have strong comprehension and writing skills.

The work can be varied and interesting, and might involve translating documents such as letters, articles, contracts, or books.

Enjoy a flexible schedule and work from wherever and whenever you want.

You’ll find opportunities at WorldLingo or Gengo.

Typical pay: $9-$20 per hour

18. Sales Agent

If you’re a skilled communicator with the hunger to sell, you’ll find lots of opportunities to be an online sales agent.

You’ll need to be good at connecting with people.

Confidence, enthusiasm, resilience, and empathy are essential qualities.

A positive attitude also helps because selling products or services can be a challenge.

The job offers flexibility and, in some cases, unlimited earning potential.

Find yourself a niche.

Perhaps you want to sell health products or financial services.

Search for related sales agent jobs on Glassdoor or Indeed.

If you’d like a job in inbound or outbound sales, try NexRep.

Typical pay: Varies and is usually on a commission basis

19. Chat Agent or Forum Moderator

Another legit online job is being a chat agent or forum moderator for an online company.

The job involves responding to questions or posts on a website’s chat app or discussion page.

For forum moderation, you’ll need to know the etiquette of posting and how to deal with inappropriate posts.

As a chat agent, you usually follow a script, and responses must be made in a timely manner.

You’ll need good communication skills, accuracy, and a reliable high-speed internet connection.

You’ll usually work agreed shifts, especially for live chat work.

To find chat agent and forum moderating opportunities, visit ZipRecruiter, ICUC Social or FlexJobs.

Typical pay: $8-$12 per hour

20. Coach

Do you have specific expertise in an area such as fitness, business, relationships, nutrition, finance, or health?

Are you experienced in your field and have valuable skills to offer?

You can use your knowledge and qualifications to become an online coach.

Choose your niche, set up a platform using social media to attract your clients, and offer one-to-one coaching using Zoom or Skype.

You can also create online courses using Udemy to share your knowledge.

As a coach, you can work from anywhere.

You’ll need good communication skills and a passion for helping people using your expertise.

Typical pay: $30-$300 per hour depending upon experience

21. Technical Support

Are you a wizard at solving tech issues?

Use your expertise to offer online technical support.

Most remote technical support roles involve using your skills and knowledge to resolve computer or network problems.

There are opportunities to work agreed hours from home using online chat, email, or live calls, and you might be providing assistance to business or consumers.

The technical skills required vary depending upon the job.

You’ll certainly need patience, good listening skills, and kindness to resolve tech issues for frustrated and irate clients.

The job is highly satisfying, and can provide part-time or full-time work.

Try Upwork, Toptal, or Zapier for technical support job postings.

Typical pay: $10-$18+ per hour, but specialist technical independent contractors can command higher rates

Secure One of These Legit Online Jobs

Out of all these options, choose a legit online job that interests you, drawing upon your existing experience and skills to offer the best service.

Update your resume, do your research, and make sure you’re equipped and ready to begin before you start your job search.

Whether you’re a college student looking to earn money, a freelancer with a bachelor’s degree who wants to work online while touring Canada, or a remote worker seeking entry-level jobs, you can find legitimate work that will enable you to live life on your terms.

Get Started